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ĸ[safer sex scenes only in MI case]ĸĸ°Birds In Row – You, Me & The Violence [Full Album] ade…Bundesfrauen


Footage of the actual event, much of which was shot from a closed-circuit video camera mounted inside a customized „tail-fin,“ is framed and juxtaposed with news coverage by the local television stations. Doug Hall, introduced as John F. Kennedy, assumes the ironic role of the Artist-President to deliver a speech about the impact of mass media monopolies on American life: „Who can deny that we are a nation addicted to television and the constant flow of media? Haven‘t you ever wanted to put your foot through your television?“

The spectacle of the Cadillac crashing through the burning TV sets became a visual manifesto of the early alternative video movement, an emblem of an oppositional and irreverent stance against the political and cultural imperatives promoted by television, and the passivity of TV viewing. Examining the impact of mass media in American culture, Media Burn exemplifies Ant Farm’s fascination with the automobile and television as cultural artifacts, and their approach to social critique through spectacle and humor.


Radiation Burn
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Free Radio FSK 93,o MHz and converts plus:“²³Agamben’s difference-affirming rejoinder is that:

a theory of experience truly intended to posit the problem of origin in a radical way would then have to start beyond this ‚first expression‘ with experience as ’still mute so to speak‘ – that is, it would have to ask, does a mute experience exist, does an infancy [in-fancy] of experience exist? And, if it does, what is its relationship to language? (42).

The „History“ of the book’s title then, refers to the temporal enframing within which the Aristotelian antinomies have been situated, pointing out the importance of the ever-increasingly „mechanical experience“ of mass media and technology, the origin of which Benjamin „located in the catastrophe of the First World War“ (15). However, rather than acquiesce to some pregiven chronological time (as though what the War bequeathed were the only potentiality), Agamben follows the more redemptive Benjamin of The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, elaborating how through the profanation of play, History might be transmogrified into event, or „cairological“ time (115), thus enabling a personal and collective authority beyond that presently monopolized by the state and capital.

[10] One such instance, he says, might be located in the child’s experience of toys, which as miniaturized instances of real objects in the adult world, necessarily subtract the instrumental function they otherwise serve (thereby again deploying the Beautiful of the third Critique against the Reason of the first and second). In doing so, the objects are necessarily also subtracted from the synchrony of the adult world, releasing them into the diachrony of the child’s: a move that emboldens Agamben to assert that while „ritual fixes and structures the calendar, play on the other hand, though we do not yet know how and why, changes and destroys it“ (77). „²³.-cos.-

Bela Muham|SochKhaat R.-S.

Mr Ltn Putin |DD|* ערכז }ס{בכפ

Same Amsterdam/Berlin Nolymp sing|plµral Harburg-Victor|Marie Czechna….Prolegonmenon OLYMPIAN AND CHTHONIC RITUAL.

Much the same external, quasi-political, and always cheerful attitude towards religion is taken by the ‚Old Oligarch 1: He is of course thoroughly orthodox and even pious, yet to him the main gist of religion appears to be a decorous social enjoyment. In easy aristocratic fashion he rejoices that religious ceremonials exist to provide for the less well-to-do citizens suitable amusements that they would otherwise lack. ‚As to sacrifices and sanctuaries and festivals and precincts, the People, knowing that it is impossible for each poor man individually to sacrifice and feast and have sanctuaries and a beautiful and ample city, has discovered by what means he may enjoy these privileges. The whole state accordingly at the common cost sacrifices many victims, while it is the People who feast on them and divide them among themselves by lot‘; and again 2, as part of the splendour of Athens, he notes that ’she celebrates twice as many religious holidays as any other city.‘ The very language used by this typical Athenian gentleman speaks for itself. Burnt-sacrifice (θυσία), feasting, agonistic games, stately temples are to him the essence of religion; the word sacrifice brings to his mind not renunciation but a social banquet; the temple is not to him so much the awful dwelling-place of a divinity as an integral part of a ‚beautiful and ample city.‘

In respect and support….Doha Surat Al-Fath|NL


‚The Godluther|Pate‘-Jobcenter Bramfeld & HASPA 66

Fascists…. Sprachlabor Islamwissenshaft

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Impstead a prai sai nia groe mask|*~oo „²³Globalisation and Legal theory‘ & Ontological Phoolan.-cos.-William Twining 2k°


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Testcard #17 sex:²³pp.{200] Spartakyiu Reisen Neobao-----

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Geographical mapping aBoston 1996 Postmortem Khartoum:

On this basis, they identify five factors as central to the style of a legal Mukthar Mul fami|lie:“

²(1) its historical background and development, (2) its predomiant and characteristic mode of thougth in legal matters, (3) Guldane fire 1967 especially distinctive legal institutions, (4) the kinds of legal sources it acknowledges and the way it handles prai sai nyle Mari Mali..sur Uµrr|CH cz.-* (5) its ideology.-ante.-

Zweigert und Kötz ‚Rechtswissenschaften‘, like other scholars cook Cologne Jagd, emphasise that there is no single rigth way of classifying systems. For the purpose of introducing the great legal systems of the world‘ their multiple criteria lead to a sevenfold classification:²³(1)Romanic Cot»Mµ family,.(Germanic family, (3) Nordic family,.(4) Common law family, (5) Socialist family, (6) Far Eastern systems, (7/7) Islamic family and Multan systemath MAD family: and (8) Hindu law.-*clock.-


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No Pasaran
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EF this came out in 1980, Jimmy Ross.. First True Love Affair .This is some of that Under Groud Funk i Djed at the Skating rinks back in the 80s.
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cc|*18 McAllah renees Skinhead Millernthora Toki Akbear St.Paul


11o Freund|Shy DDR 2:-9-11 Gao


University Masjid Bassism against an imo ante Rascism and Davey d.
Radio Quraan – Quran & Koran
Recently played: Maher Al-Muaiqly – Al-Jinn…yellow cb Qtb Nqb Karachi praetertiuum Presindent Hussein.-Bismillah…

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Sindabad Bastaæ«

‚Who has explained that poor people in Islamic Republic landmarks speakin Pashto,..on rear trade hindth‘.-cos.-

‚Who has pliy pligth that these persons secula ¢c|air can‘t look through lines of semitic green vege daily.-gardens Helmut-Schmidt-Eric Byrne subsexualis..- who has blue defy womens trust on constable diotima and music means more then always the same cloch of award minus after walle minus on tunnel,..the globe is a little to enlarge for up a suggest of Queen Victhora Sverrige.-ante..

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Cette sourate de quatre-vingt-treize versets, la quarante-huitième dans l’ordre chronologique, a été proclamée, avec celle qui la précède et les deux qui la suivent, au milieu de la période mekkoise. Son titre vient du verset 18.

Les merveilles de la création reflètent les splendeurs du monde spirituel. L’introduction (1-6) précède de nouveaux développements sur les histoires de Mûssa (7-14), de Dâwûd, de Sulaïmân (15-41) et des Thamûd (45-58). La gloire d’Allah est répandue sur toute Sa Création: les justes le voient, les coupables l’éprouveront à l’heure inéluctable du jugement (59-93).

Sourate 27.


Au nom d’Allah,
le Matriciant, le Matriciel…

Moitié du Hizb Trente-huit

1. T. S. Tâ’. Sîn. Voici les Signes
de l’Appel, al-Qur’ân, l’Écrit distinct,

2. guidance, annonce pour les adhérents

3. qui élèvent la prière, donnent la dîme,
certains de l’Autre monde.

Bel Sochkhaat R.-S. – twin brother and sun from…Moham.-cos.-

A7-Engels D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide G|Punx

-N-symbol orange Hannover ‚Grauschleyer‘ Diskuss|µish…

Gehorsam ohne Befehl – Bomben legen aus Erfahrung

Das Mitmacherkollektiv und die besseren Deutschen

Im gewöhnlichen Leben handeln wir nicht nach Motivation, sondern nach Notwendigkeit, in einer Verkettung von Ursache und Wirkung; allerdings kommt immer in dieser Verkettung auch etwas von uns selbst vor, weshalb wir uns dabei für frei halten. Diese Willensfreiheit ist die Fähigkeit des Menschen, freiwillig zu tun, was er unfreiwillig will. (R. Musil, Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften)

…der hiesige Autoritarismus (ist) einer ohne Autorität und der hiesige Konventionalismus einer ohne Konventionen. Schon bei den Nazis war nicht das Wort des Führers Befehl, sondern sein Wille, den der kongeniale Volksgenosse erahnte. Nie hätte der Nationalsozialismus funktioniert, hätte den Deutschen jede ihrer Missetaten bei Strafandrohung befohlen werden müssen. Anders, als es das Wort vom „Befehlsnotstand“, von der „Gleichschaltung“ oder vom „Führer“ selber glauben machen will, herrschte das NS-System durch Gehorsam ohne Befehl. (W. Pohrt, Der Weg zur inneren Einheit)

Konkret wird Freiheit an den wechselnden Gestalten der Repression: im Widerstand gegen diese. Soviel Freiheit des Willens war, wie Menschen sich befreien wollten. Freiheit selbst aber ist derart mit Unfreiheit verfilzt, daß sie von dieser nicht bloß inhibiert wird, sondern sie zur Bedingung ihres eigenen Begriffs hat. (T.W. Adorno, Negative Dialektik NS-enligth Luth white chubby womens Grundgen Straat Mari Mali..rose…to die.-cos nos.-

-Hindukush pervers-subsexualis 3rd knives between…Selbst schuld ‚Herrenmensch|fx.uum-…

Depuis le temps que je lis Philippe Sollers, je vois se succéder, dans son oeuvre, quatre grandes « périodes ».

Les romans de M.Meyer ‚Volksbund|^af‘ Allemagne Rap to commerce Hip Hop |Crips||..jeunesse : curieuse solitude, apprentissage mêlé du désir et de la langue, art du roman déjà conçu comme art du secret et de la coulisse.
Son époque dite avant-gardiste : longs romans non ponctués, les pages comme une lave, le monde comme un déferlement d’images et de mots inutiles, de la prosodie avant toute chose, des performances avant la lettre.

L’époque « Femmes » et son prétendu retour au récit traditionnel quand ce qui s’y joue s’apparente à la naissance, sur fond de « guerre du goût », d’une des pensées les plus construites, les plus systématiquement élaborées qui soient.

||*))In dique-never understand commons.- garbage files 1.-cos.-

I have always thought of induction as an argument which seeks to establish the likelihood of a conclusion as opposed to a deductive argument whose conclusion necessarily follows from its premises. My friend argues that „there is a fundamental difference in reasoning, between the two, in which the defining characteristic is not simply whether or not the certainty of the conclusion is known.“.

He refuses to define this difference but seems certain that it is there and nothing I have tried will convince him otherwise. I have tried to explain that there are many forms of reasoning and that we define induction and deduction based on the certitude of their products from their premises, but he reassures me that I misunderstand the distinction.