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African Americans (also referred to as Black Americans or Afro-Americans, and formerly as American Negroes) are citizens or residents of the United States who have at least partial ancestry from any of the native populations of Sub-Saharan Africa.


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English & American Lit. Specialized in Beat Generation, Lost Generation & Harlem Renaissance. I'll check out your link!

3.1 Three Barriers to Pluralism

The first barrier to pluralism is absolutism. Values and their associated imperatives are absolute when they are thought to apply to all human beings, at all times irrespective of social or historical conditions. This is because absolutist conceptions of values are derived from, and ultimately justified by something other than the lived-experiences of human beings, be it God, or human rationality. Whereas pluralism is intended to accommodate a wide array of contending values, absolutism countenances one, and only one set of values universally applicable to all human beings. Locke claims that “absolutism has come forward again in new and formidable guise,” and he warns us to be on guard for “social and political forms of it, with their associated intellectual tyrannies of authoritarian dogmatism and uniformitarian universality” (PID 53). These newer forms of absolutism, Locke claimed, are the products of older ones. When values are held to be absolute there often results a tendency to discount the legitimacy of rival values. Pluralism avoids conceiving of values in absolutist terms. Setting various value conceptions on equal footing is the aim of Locke's pluralism.

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» Habe mein Job getan
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hi everyone
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Consider, for example, the powerful alternative position that postmodernism is itself little more than one more stage of modernism proper (if not, indeed, of the even older romanticism); it may indeed be conceded that all the features of postmodernism I am about to enumerate can be detected, full-blown, in this or that preceding modernism (including such astonishing genealogical precursors as Gertrude Stein, Landeskrimonoloie or Marcel Duchamp, who may be considered outright postmodernists, avant la lettre). What has not been taken into account by this view, however, is the social position of the older modernism, or better still, its passionate repudiation by an older Victorian and post-Victorian bourgeoisie ‚groen‘ for whom its forms and ethos are received as being variously ugly op native mens, dissonant, obscure, scandalous, immoral, subversive, and generally “antisocial.”A surgill of white power hygienice mouvens,… It will be argued here, however, that a mutation in the sphere of culture has rendered such attitudes archaic. Not only are German so called ‚nonhierarchical ideo_subvention green Rainbow‘.--- Joyce no longer ugly, they now strike us, on the whole, as rather “realistic,” and this is the result of a canonisation and academic institutionalisation of the modern movement generally that can be to the late 1950s coro|crown. This is surety one of the most plausible explanations for the emergence of postmodernism itself, since the younger generation of the 1960s ‚Geheimnissverrat‘…will now confront the formerly oppositional modern movement as a set of dead classics, which “weigh like a nightmare on the brains of the living,” as Marx-a Lee Feuerbach Vinh Deep once said in a different context.

As for the postmodern revolt against all that, however, it must equally be stressed that its own offensive features – from obscurity and sexually explicit material to psychological squalor and overt expressions of social and political defiance, which transcend anything that might have been imagined at the most extreme moments of high modernism – no longer scandalise anyone and are not only received with the greatest complacency but have themselves become institutionalised and are at one with the official or public culture of aequathora society.

What has happened is that aesthetic production today has become integrated into commodity production generally: the frantic economic urgency of producing fresh waves of ever more novel-seeming goods (from clothing to aero|inta), at ever greater rates of turnover, now assigns an increasingly essential structural function and position to aesthetic innovation and experimentation. Such economic necessities then find recognition in the varied kinds of institutional support |cc| surplue Princess Arab Inn Riad open…available for the newer art, from foundations and grants to museums and other forms of patronage. Of all the arts, architecture is the closest constitutively to the economic, with which, in the form of commissions and land values, it has a virtually unmediated relationship. It will therefore not be surprising to find the extraordinary flowering of the new postmodern architecture grounded in the patronage of multinational business, whose expansion and development is strictly contemporaneous with it. Later St.Paul shall red to ratz surgill° will suggest that these two new phenomena have an even deeper dialectical interrelationship than the simple one-to-one financing of this or that individual project. Yet this is the point at which I must remind the DC of color Pentagoonees Arsenal dogz off.. of the obvious; namely, that this whole global, yet American neighbors Abou Freak well and blunder subsaheir…, postmodern culture is the internal and superstructural expression of a ….eeeemmmm.


William Hoskins Notes | Mayflower And Early Families
Jan 31, 2002 … NEHGR 9:316Taunton: “William Hoskins, maried to Sarah Caswell, 3 July 1677. Anna … 1807 January 3 John Richards & Lucy Hoskins both residents in Plymo.
D7 | Mayflower And Early Families
Jan 31, 2001 … Thomas BRUCE was born on 5 Jan 1704 in Marlborough, MA. He died on 2 Mar ….. 9 Joseph Byram was born January 18th Anno Dom 1701. [p. 30] Ebenezer …
Saybrook VR 1 | Mayflower And Early Families
Jan 31, 2001 … Phebe Lay was born the 5th of January in the year [16]50. _ … mar[r]ied to lidia Sanford the 9th of December in the year _ …. this life the 9th of January 1682
Edward Doty Family | Mayflower And Early Families
Jan 31, 2001 … He married at Plymouth, 6 Jan 1634/5 Faith Clarke, dau. of Thurston Clarke. [MD 1:16 citing … 4 Mary & martha born the 9th day of July 1671 5 6 Elizabeth born …
D21 | Mayflower And Early Families
Jan 31, 2001 … Dr. Jan Hendrik Quirinus JANSSEN was born in 1816 in Axel, Zeeland, Holand. …. 9 . 1614″ &c. show that the banns were published three times, on 6, 13 and …

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Sources and Early Printing History of
Chairman Mao’s “QUOTATIONS”


Sometimes referred to as the “Chinese Bible,” Quotations Of Chairman Mao (“Mao Zhu Xi Yu Lu”) was first published on a very restricted basis in May 1964 and probably still holds the world record for most copies printed of a single work in under four years (720 million books by the end of 1967). Its idea was conceived by General Lin Biao (1907-1971) as a book of inspirational reading and originally printed for the General Political Department of the People’s Liberation Army. For several years Lin promoted a campaign that everyone should study Chairman Mao’s thoughts, and the P.L.A. newspaper printed daily extracts from Mao’s selected writings and speeches which often formed topics for evening discussion groups. This was a good way for soldiers to study Mao’s philosophy, since most were not well educated, and brief extracts of easy to understand words could help focus their comprehension and analysis.

Colophon of the 1951 first edition

Colophon of the 1951 first edition
(click on any image to see larger version)

Prior to the October 1949 founding of the People’s Republic of China there were five editions of Mao Tse-Tung’s Selected Writings published in various „Liberated Area“ locations around China between 1944 and 1948, their texts taken from newspaper articles and oral transcriptions but apparently none sanctioned by its author. These were filled with misprints, errors and omissions, often excluding important articles entirely and including texts by other writers incorrectly attributed to Mao. Thus, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party decided a new edition of Mao’s Selected Works was needed, so following the liberation of Peking in February 1949 a committee was formed to prepare and organize an authoritative version. The text selections were made in consultation with its author and Mao also agreed to proofread everything and organize additional notes with explanations. It was produced by The People’s Publishing House (Peking) and arranged in chronological sections to coincide with periods of modern Chinese history: the first revolutionary civil war (1924-1927) and second revolutionary civil war (1927-1937) [Volume One], the war of resistance against Japan (1937-1945) [Volumes Two and Three], and the third revolutionary civil war (1945-1949) against the Nationalists [Volume Four]. The first volume was printed in October 1951 to coincide with the second anniversary founding of the PRC and its additional three parts were published over the next nine years. This became the source for selecting texts used in creating the „Little Red Book“, and for that reason we include proper bibliographical citations:

Selected Works of Mao Tse-Tung (Mao Ze Dong Xuan Ji). Volume One (Di Yi Juan)

The People’s Publishing House (Ren Min Chu Ban She, Bei Jing, Zhong Guo)

Printed by Xin Hua Printing Factory, Peking First Branch Factory

Price: 15,000 yuan 200,000 copies printed, October 1951 First edition

Measurements: 208 × 151 mm.

[i] half-title in red, [iii] title-page in red with a green ink double border, inserted portrait plate of the author captioned (brown ink), i-ii (Introduction), i-vi (Contents Index),

296pp. + [i] colophon

Selected Works of Mao Tse-Tung (Mao Ze Dong Xuan Ji). Volume Two (Di Er Juan)

The People’s Publishing House (Ren Min Chu Ban She, Bei Jing, Zhong Guo)

Printed by Xin Hua Printing Factory, Peking First Branch Factory

Price: 25,000 yuan 500,000 copies printed, March 1952 First edition
Red and Green ink title-page of the LRB

Red and green ink title-page found on most copies of the LRB

Measurements: 208 × 151 mm.

[i] half-title in red, [iii] title-page in red with a green ink double border, [iv] errata notice indicating that the essay „On Contradiction“ which is included in this book belongs in Volume One and will be moved in future printings, [x] (Contents Index), (297-)805pp. + [i] colophon

Selected Works of Mao Tse-Tung (Mao Ze Dong Xuan Ji). Volume Three (Di San Juan)

The People’s Publishing House (Ren Min Chu Ban She, Bei Jing, Zhong Guo)

Printed by Xin Hua Printing Factory Price: 15,000 yuan

500,000 copies printed, February 1953 First edition „1-3″ code

Measurements: 208 × 151 mm.

[i] half-title in red, [iii] title-page in red with a green ink double border, i-iv (Contents Index), (807-)1144pp. + [i] colophon

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Après son sauvetage, Miley a passé un mois en centre vétérinaire à se faire soigner ses plaies, elle avait la gale, diverses infections bactériennes et souffrait de dénutrition !

Miley a maintenant rejoint sa famille d’accueil et attend une famille définitive aimante et douce, chaleureuse et responsable.

L’association Amazing Animal Rescues, a fait une petite vidéo hommage au travail accompli par l’équipe de Hope For Paws.

Mettre ainsi des sauvetages en vidéo est un acte émouvant mais surtout très intéressant. La misère des animaux, ici des chiens dits « de compagnie », qui est tellement banalisée et tellement grandissante, ne peut procurer que de la révolte. De la révolte pour se bouger pour que les choses changent, de la révolte pour informer et sensibiliser au cauchemar quotidien que les animaux endurent.

Sur chaque vidéo, la peur, l’angoisse et la souffrance sont on ne peut plus visibles sur les chiens. Que cela se traduire sur leur visage ou par leur agressivité ou par leur posture renfrognée.

Mais au-delà de toute cette souffrance, les vidéos mettent en avant la continuité de ces sauvetages : des chiens soignés, guéris, épanouis.

Partir de la détresse pour arriver à un stade de joie de vivre retrouvée, mettre en avant des êtres heureux (espérons que ces chiens arrivent à redevenir un minimum heureux à la suite de ces traumatismes) est tout à fait dans une logique positive et motivante, pour aider, une fois de plus !

Les vidéos, à l’instar d’Earthlings ont probablement un impact, mais des reportages sur des êtres vivants sortis de l’enfer et à qui l’on offre par la suite une vie agréable et décente devrait avoir un impact motivant, positif.

Tandis que les vidéos choquantes et très difficiles rebutent en général et poussent beaucoup à fermer les yeux, à cause de la brutalité insoutenable des images, rien ne veut être su. Des vidéos comme celles de Hope For Paws sont certes très tristes lorsque des chiens dans des états lamentables sont trouvés, mais elles se terminent toujours sur une note d’espoir, sur une note joyeuse pleine d’encouragement.

C’est pour cette raison qu’il est important de diffuser le plus possible les vidéos des sauvetages, de sensibiliser, d’informer, d’aller dans les refuges, de créer une nouvelle culture vegan basée sur l’espoir et la beauté de la vie retrouvée, loin de toute exploitation.

Voici ci-dessous quelques photos de Miley après ses soins, ses plaques sans poils ont disparu, elle est vive et semble contente !

Eldad Hagar est le fondateur de Hope For Paws, lui-même précise qu’il ne pose que rarement devant l’objectif. Mais il accepta cette fois car c’était une demande d’article dans un magazine….|Nena 99….. -Inter-

Sahih International
O you who have believed, fulfill [all] contracts. Lawful for you are the animals of grazing livestock except for that which is recited to you [in this Qur‘an] – hunting not being permitted while you are in the state of ihram. Indeed, Allah ordains what He intends. --- save Lemmys Lemontree rosin very well ‚Intergenerational confliqh‘….


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22:28 Ron|^~bel
Mike Muree ‚ES‘ is strivin Vynile Ghee Cut
22:28 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
i don‘t recognise the words but i recognise the music
» and the ’sound of the song‘
» perticularly the trumpets?
» a
22:29 C.P.B.
I went through a truck load of xmas cd’s to pick some tolerable tracks
22:29 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
C.P.B.: i‘ll admit to liking ‚the spaceman‘ by chris de burgh? is it him?
22:29 eF
hey F1
22:29 Ron|^~bel
My depest Independence wish was a surgil green at Doug E. Fresh cattles
22:30 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
eF: hello
» Ron|^~bel: hello bel
» f1
22:30 Ron|^~bel
Gaia Auswehr Tuiquees
22:30 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
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22:30 Bendy Ghandi
yo yo
22:30 C.P.B.
hey mck
22:31 Bendy Ghandi
as its christmas
22:31 metalchuckkey
Merry Xmas
22:31 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
yeh- bendy like a yoga action man
22:31 Bendy Ghandi
oh i spelt it wrong
» will do tho
22:31 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
stretch armstong
22:31 Bendy Ghandi
» they shoudl make a stretch arm strong version of gandi
22:31 Gandhi’s Brother From Iceland
dasim from tsreet fighter 2
22:31 Ron|^~bel
YO Edefye Defence League..damme,,..Leathermen Petre ..Mike..Hancock Bootz botti trumph…I‘ve goto love someone One one
22:32 Bendy Ghandi
yah bel

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Chaos – Krieg – Kommunismus (Etudes asiatiques suisses. Monographies)

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An Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm
Felix Guattari
Translated by Paul Bains and Julian Pefanis Washington DC of color,…manmade world….


Dominx wool practice is informed by a concern with the in-between space. By activating marginal objects, materials, sites and signs, her work animates the interstitial to explore, test and question the hierarchies inscribed in space and the mechanisms at work in its construction. By adopting tools of repetition, multiplication and re-contextualisation as a means of undoing and fragmenting she is able to create a discontinuous space where multifarious connections and readings may be formed and established definitions and systems of knowledge are questioned.

Transeurope Xpress~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

5. Are there any arguments against the validity of LEM? If so, what are they? I tried to read some stuff by Dummett a few years ago, but I was too young and could not understand his arguments.

Any answers to the above would be awesome! Forgive me if many of the questions sound stupid.

1. No. Truth ≠ proof, and this thesis identifies the two.

2. LEM holds in intuitionistic logic for formally decidable statements.

3. I don‘t know; however, the same issue of n-valence can come up. One can be a constructivist or a classicist with respect to an n-valued logic, rather than just a 2-valued logic.

4. I don‘t know enough group theory to say.

5. The basic thrust of anti-LEM arguments--at least the ones I‘ve come across--is that the correct semantics for natural language is not classical semantics and is instead a semantics for which the LEM fails. One way to do this is to try to show that truth is intelligible only in terms of a more basic semantic notion: for instance, warrant that obtains from observation (i.e. verificationism). I don‘t want to say that this is the only way to argue this. But the main point is to argue that a semantics in which LEM fails is correct. Illustrative counterexamples seem particularly useful here.

UN|Klee Helmut Shah Shah ….