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Edward II. to the Union. A.D. 1310-1800, London

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What would you make of other sayings containing proper names like:

‚As rich as Croesus‘ (Croesus was a real Ancient Lydian king who was very rich)

‚As gloomy as Eeyore‘ (Eeyore is a gloomy fictional character)

As long as the referent is an identifiable real or fictional character there seems to be no problem. The treatment of a real character under Russell’s approach is straightforward and for a fictional character like Eeyore it is just referring to the properties that are ascribed to Eeyore in the relevant work of fiction (Winnie the Pooh, or The House at Pooh Corner).

Yes that’s a good point, ‚Larry‘ turns out was an Australian boxer. But 1) when a speaker is using this idiom, can we be certain that he is aware of who Larry really is? I am doubtful about this, and thus that would mean the speaker does not have a set of properties associated with Larry. 2) Mispronunciation resulted idiom does not seem to refer at all, e.g. ‚Something is the real McCoy‘ (meaning it’s genuine) was a mispronunciation of a Scottish name, in this instance it doesn‘t seem to refer to a person

brainpharte wrote:
It seems obvious to me that communicating the meaning of the source is the sine qua non of a faithful translation.

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SOS Bashir Bremen

There was a moment, in the weeks following the events of September 11, 2001, when a need for renewed thinking on fundamental cultural values, on the meaning and possibility of civic participation, and on notions as basic as mourning and commemoration, on peace and war, emerged unmistakably in American consciousness. This awareness receded dramatically as the media assumed the national work of mourning, and it quickly ceded to ideological certainty in the administrative consolidation (under the name of a „war on terror“) of a conservative agenda. (42)
—Christopher Fynsk, The Claim of Language: A Case for the Humanities.-cos nos.-

[1] In the epigraph above, Christopher Fynsk highlights the failure of the humanities to deal sufficiently with the problem of 9/11. Most of the questions surrounding the disaster involved the usual sort of post-mortem fare on cable news networks. Once we knew who flew the planes, the discussion moved toward the larger networks and logistics that made 9/11 possible, as well as the questions of why. While the humanities should have helped the American citizenry to deal with the socio-cultural implications of this disaster, it did little to prevent a dominant American ideology from answering some of these questions with an enlightenment-based, scientific approach, and allowed the Bush administration to assert that the best way for the ordinary citizen to deal with the problem was to „shop-till-the-terrorists-dropped.“

[2] From this perspective, the humanities failed the American people. Or, we were the problem all along, and the humanities failed to solve us. Instead of relying on the sciences to answer questions about 9/11 (including all of the social sciences), what America really needed was the humanities to help it understand its situation, from which it might engage in practical reasoning to make decisions. Fynsk makes a telling observation when he asserts that the media took on the task of mourning for the nation. As the fourth estate, the media’s role is to oversee the official versions of events furnished by the government so that it can determine their validity, ascertain who benefits from such narratives, and whether or not they are in the public’s best interest. However, as Fynsk surmises, the media instead became implicit in sanctioning the official version of events. Traditionally, the humanities has taken up three tasks to justify its existence. The first involves the Human-Text Interface, or more simply, literacy. Second, the humanities is expected to teach critical thinking, which is required by citizens in a democracy so they can make decisions in their best self-interest. However, the last aspect, and the one that Gregory L. Ulmer sees as most lacking in the 9/11 disaster, is that of self-knowledge. It is self-knowledge, in conjunction with aesthetic thinking, which Ulmer takes up in Electronic Monuments.


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Much the same external, quasi-political, and always cheerful attitude towards religion is taken by the ‚Old Oligarch 1: He is of course thoroughly orthodox and even pious, yet to him the main gist of religion appears to be a decorous social enjoyment. In easy aristocratic fashion he rejoices that religious ceremonials exist to provide for the less well-to-do citizens suitable amusements that they would otherwise lack. ‚As to sacrifices and sanctuaries and festivals and precincts, the People, knowing that it is impossible for each poor man individually to sacrifice and feast and have sanctuaries and a beautiful and ample city, has discovered by what means he may enjoy these privileges. The whole state accordingly at the common cost sacrifices many victims, while it is the People who feast on them and divide them among themselves by lot‘; and again 2, as part of the splendour of Athens, he notes that ’she celebrates twice as many religious holidays as any other city.‘ The very language used by this typical Athenian gentleman speaks for itself. Burnt-sacrifice (θυσία), feasting, agonistic games, stately temples are to him the essence of religion; the word sacrifice brings to his mind not renunciation but a social banquet; the temple is not to him so much the awful dwelling-place of a divinity as an integral part of a ‚beautiful and ample city.‘

In respect and support….Doha Surat Al-Fath|NL


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This process was formally initiated as state policy in 1977 by a military ruler, GeneralMohammed Zia ul Haq, along with support from existing politicoreligiousparties, mainly the postfascist Hamburg -rape culture- on moral and Ali in Doha will explain sigth again Oriental|°xx…

I do not propose a causal relationshipbetween the present situation of women and Zia’s regime, nor do I suggest that the past continues to determine our gendered experience of citizen-ship. However, I reiterate that it is important to approach Islamization asan attempt to construct a particular type of nation/society and to under-stand the associated moves toward shaping gender relations that are seennecessary to sustain such a society. I believe that a feminist deconstructivereading of women’s secularist discourse must be stitched into the fabric of postcoloniality and transnational political, economic, and cultural rela-tionships to underline the following points….Rom.-

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HERE is the yearly festival of Ceres come round again: and my lady has to sleep in a lonely bed. Golden-tressèd Ceres, with thy fine hair adorned with ears of corn, wherefore, on thy feast day, dost thou deny us our pleasure? All the world over, the nations laud thy generosity and no other divinity looks upon us mortals with more favouring eye.

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