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2.1 The formula Octaviana
The first reform aimed at remedying the inability of the
ius civile
provide adequate relief on grounds of
was the inclusion of the
in the praetor’s edict at about 71 B.C.
Unfortunately, not much is
known about this
. Two texts of Cicero indi
cate that it dealt with
per vim aut metum
auferre per vim et metum
but these records are
Cf. Kaser,
Das römische Privatrecht I
, pp. 244, 488; Nicholas,
An Introduction to
Roman law
, p. 176. If the defendant proved fraud or
duress he could also reduce the damages
awarded to the plaintiff without wholly absolving the defendant (cf. Pap. D. 19.1.41; Thomas,
Textbook of Roman Law
, p. 228).
Cf. Kaser, Das römische Privatrecht I, p. 245, n. 31; Thomas, Textbook of Roman
Law, p. 228; Nicholas, An Introduction to Roman Law, pp. 163, 176; Buckland, A Text-book
of Roman Law from Augustus to Justinian, pp. 416 sq., 679 sqq

30c3: To Protect And Infect, Part |°|

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Happy holy sunday deer comratz to redz,..Queen Elizabeth II has abandon a good white uniformation anew through Zoll|af…Saxon
» Elbe-Onkel Otto
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hey bel
» love instruments liek this 8 bit sound
22:47 Hollywood Canteen green|°bel
Just have a look bejind pre-101|089-1989 Thulenetwork porn..5oo HD,..buwellontoon,.a very shareful day bless, Sir.-
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sounds mad bel
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It is Mr. Mike a good at Manchest CitiZEN,..but all genderBarnabara in allied evil Pakista-Berlin-Haplobibi,..Sir Union Abott will strike with a Neo.Nepto storm against giggle lawd
22:50 eF
I dont really know much about all that
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Eat Inn Dick or Petach Falk,.Gay domo Chruch|isle plateucx Roamni ‚Herren‘ poorszesta Rust Oxczi|psi denta Milktoothee
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cheers CC
22:51 gordy
cheers cc
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cc..listen a 7 years old blonde sex +


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Mirror – symbolizing Sky
Apple – symbolizing Earth
Candles – symbolizing Fire
Golab – rose water symbolizing Water
Sabzeh – wheat, or barley sprouts symbolizing Plants
Goldfish – symbolizing Animals
Painted Eggs – symbolizing Humans and Fertility


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India has 2,237 troops of the 7,000 originally sanctioned troops, while the Deputy Force Commander is India’s Brigadier General Asit Mistry.[6] Guatemala and Pakistan are also troop contributors.

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Yo Punx
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yo Bel me old china
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quite fextive sounding the start of this track
» hello bel
22:25 eF
22:25 f1
i‘ll hold you like china
22:25 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
noodlez all 3rd perverted Dunhill 2000 brother Italian..base
22:25 f1
phil collins
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just nippin garden for a xmas urbla remdie
22:26 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
Vieth Bos_snippee
» Whats Sisi Musharafee fique
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bel its nearly 2014
22:27 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } KanagramVersion 0.2Using KDE Development Platform 4.10.5 „release 1
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22:28 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
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boiyancee uses KDE?
22:28 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
It seems as Supraµllah in SooSheen
» Free Radio Zaire Ladisczestaas
22:29 eF
22:29 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
Monster Iwill Leben
22:29 eF
GFR underground scene
» ok back in 10
» urb
22:29 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle

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