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Pi is wrong!?!?! A repost including previous comments from the original
I posted this thread already and this is a repost of it including replies from the original…which has gone haywire for some reason????

What are your thoughts with regards to the agenda that seeks to establish what the proponents consider a more intuitive circle constant?
As can be found in following links which provide information on this recent controversy that has emerged in some circles of the mathematics community.

As a follow up to this I was wondering if it would be possible use a similar proof as found in the below link to find an iteration of 2π a.k.a. „τ“ occurring in the Mandelbrot set.
shmik wrote:
m-theoryrules, I really cant see how this would effect anything. You can replace pi it with τ and get the same results as mentioned in the post but with the limit being τ/2.

The only people campaigning to replace pi would be teachers. It doesn‘t make any difference to any mathematical theorems or results.
I suppose…but I just thought here
there might be some interesting consequences that bear further consideration and especially here…
insights offer efficiency in alternatives to the fundamental constant as currently expressed.

I was not suggesting that it would revolutionize an approach to solving the Riemann hypothesis or anything like that.
Just that it is an interesting an unique perspective.

Cadrache Posted Nov 7, 2013 – 6:01 AM:

2.1.1 The Basis of Frege’s Term Logic

In Frege’s term logic, all of the terms and well-formed formulas are denoting expressions. These include: (a) simple names of objects, like ‘2’ and ‘π’, (b) complex terms which denote objects, like ‘22’ and ‘3 + 1’, and (c) sentences (which are also complex terms). The complex terms in (b) and (c) are formed with the help of ‘incomplete expressions’ which signify functions, such as the unary squaring function ‘( )2’ and the binary addition function ‘( )+( )’. In these functional expressions, ‘( )’ is used as a placeholder for what Frege called the arguments of the function; the placeholder reveals that the expressions signifying function are, on Frege’s view, incomplete and stand in contrast to complete expressions such as those in (a), (b), and (c). (Though Frege thought it inappropriate to call the incomplete expressions that signify functions ‘names’, we shall sometimes do so in what follows, though the reader should be warned that Frege had reasons for not following this practice.) Thus, a mathematical expression such as ‘22’ denotes the result of applying the function ( )2 to the number 2 as argument, namely, the number 4. Similarly, the expression ‘7 + 1’ denotes the result of applying the binary function +(( ),( )) to the numbers 7 and 1 as arguments, in that order.

Even the sentences of Frege’s mature logical system are (complex) denoting terms; they are terms that denote truth-values. Frege distinguished two truth-values, The True and The False, which he took to be objects. The basic sentences of Frege’s system are constructed using the expression ‘( ) = ( )’, which signifies a binary function that maps a pair of objects x and y to The True if x is identical to y and maps x and y to The False otherwise. A sentence such as ‘22 = 4’ therefore denotes the truth-value The True, while the sentence ‘22 = 6’ denotes The False.

An important class of these identity statements are statements of the form ‘ƒ(x) = y’, where ƒ( ) is any unary function (i.e., function of a single variable), x is the argument of the function, and ƒ(x) is the value of the function for the argument x. Similarly, ƒ(x,y) = z is an identity statement involving a ‘binary’ function of two variables. And so on, for functions of more than two variables.



[6] In short order, the writers‘ designs were also translated from the outsides of subway cars onto the time-honored support of canvas. The canvassed graffiti art genre is generally considered a phenomenon of the 1980s, but writing’s transformation from performative act to static, collectible art object occurred as early as 1972. Initially construed as an attempt to reform young vandals and rechannel their energies to more lucrative and less precarious venues and mediums of expression, the entrance of writing into the commercial art gallery was soon touted as the hottest new thing since Pop. Commercial graffiti art appeared early on, as a way to package, label, and „tame“ writing as a practice. Yet it was not uncommon for writers to engage in both illegal writing and legal graffiti art, finding no conflict of interest therein. Many writers transposed their colorful spray paint signatures onto canvases for wealthy collectors by day, while entering the train yards to paint masterpieces on the subway cars by night. While the city aggressively erased the illicit subway murals, collectors bought up graffiti art canvases on speculation, and art critics bemoaned the canvases‘ lack of „authenticity.“

[7] Art critics‘ attitudes toward graffiti art on canvas generally fell into one of two categories, as illustrated by the opinions of Rene Ricard on the one hand, and Hal Foster on the other, both writing in the early 1980s. Ricard’s aesthetic valuation of graffiti art canvases made distinctions between what „looked like art“ and what didn‘t; he quickly relegated canvas works by writers into the „lower“ realm of design, even kitsch. For Foster, it wasn‘t a matter of whether or not the graffiti art canvases retained the same aesthetic quality as the subway paintings, but whether or not they retained their original radical strain once recuperated into the mainstream. Graffiti art in this case was used to support the author’s polemics regarding cultural cooptation.

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Men who had sex with women when they were still young boys are often told that they were
lucky to be initiated so young. It is sometimes viewed as a rite of passage that makes him a
man. In reality, there is no better way to cripple a boy/man emotionally.
A situation with a 15-year-old girl having sex with a 30-year-old man would be recognized
pretty clearly as sexual abuse. There is the belief that girls mature faster than boys. Why
then, would we assume that a 15-year-old boy would be more emotional ready to handle sex
than a 15-year-old girl?
The movie Summer of ’42 is often seen as a picture glorifying sex between an older woman
and a teenage boy. Upon closer examination, he is overwhelmed and confused by the
experience. It was not a good or ‘man making’ experience.
We have only begun talking about and acknowledging female perpetrators in the past few
years. They were thought to be the rare event, the exception to the rule. As the cloak of
secrecy has been peeled back, we are discovering that female perpetrators are not
uncommon. For several years, I cut stories out of the newspaper about female perpetrators.
In a majority of the cases, it was the husband and wife, dad and mom, acting in concert, to
molest their children. The most recent statistics that I have seen support this sampling as
being representative of the overall population.
There are four basic ways that women sexually abuse boys: overt, covert, a sexual violation,
or boundary crossing. Abuse can easily include more than one type.
Overt abuse is similar to what we think of as typical sexual abuse. With a female as the
perpetrator, this might involve oral sex, intercourse, masturbation, fondling, or sexual
Covert abuse is more difficult to observe. It can include voyeurism, exposure, seductive
touching, sexualized hugs, kissing on the mouth in a sexual way, extended nursing that
satisfies a sexual need of the mother, or flirting with a male child, possibly to shame or make
the woman’s husband/partner jealous.

Conversation as Attention
(this thread should really be called „Language and Vision“ – I essentially changed tack after naming the thread)

There is much talk – everywhere, all the time – of the gaze; the gaze objectifies the object, and objectifies the relation between the subject and the object. Of course, there is the problem of the „returned gaze“ – which is probably lexically problematic because the idea of „gaze“ implies a freedom, a relaxation, a uni-directional desire, which is problematized by it being returned.

In general, however, gazing isn‘t returned. We look at things which don‘t look at us, much more than we look at things which do look at us. Equally, we are gazed upon more often then we are gievn opportunities to return gazes; note, simply, the way in which, when we talk to someone, our gaze meets theirs only on occasion. Of course there are extreme cases when – lovers? – gaze into each other’s eyes, but this is usually not a „returning“ of a gaze – which is ultimately confrontational, challenging – but a situation in which a double, cross-hatching objectification goes on; I objectify you, you objectify, though of course the implied exchange (If I… then you…) means there is an underhand acknowledgement of subjectivity – to the extent that this kind of exchange (gift exchange?) contributes to the structure of subjectivity.

My aim in this thread is to compare that structure with the ideal structure of conversation; in „good“ conversations, an exchange is literally enacted – our words are always directed at a target, as our gaze is, but our words are directed in such a way as to equalize the self and the other; e.g., to avoid the subject / object binary. But also, I think, conversation is like sight – and this is underrecognized, I think? – similar to sight in that it is a locus of recognition, though not in the same sudden way. When someone talks to us, we are being recognized, and not merely recognized, but recognized as subjects – recognized as beings which are capable of recognizing others as subjects – e.g., of being partners in conversation.

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Hieroglyphics as a pure utility of language
Analphabeta Khaalie on medics and donor surgic it to see what kind of reaction it might get. Now there are many other examples which I will indic go could utilize to represent a pure utility of language such as the whistling language of Gomera, Sign Language, and Morse Code but this serves an objective I wish to make. Hieroglyphics and other forms of pictoral communication are extremely profound and powerful in my opinion because they allow us direct access to the matter of our sense experience.

This direct access is posited in correlation with a non-literal format of language namely the form of the object. I don‘t believe we can make use of the form of the object without representing it with logical constructs. These logical constructs are designed or given shape by mental processes which attempt to posit a meaning which already exists in the form of the object. My theory is that the more advanced the language the more abstract, neutral, and diverse the arrangements of logical symbols can be used to represent the form of an object.

Hieroglyphics attempt to represent the form of the objects in our environment in a literal way that is it uses one logical symbol which appears like the object it is representing to represent it. The question I want to ponder on given these statements is there an imperative difference between Hieroglyphics and say the language I am utilizing here and if so is it due to an inherent limit in language or to the fact that without using language this inherent limit has no meaning? Also could you say that hieroglyphics prove that man in his primitiveness is more affected by pictures in the context of communication.

These marks are rarely seen in real life, so you should not count much on them.

The three long vowels will be Romanized as: aa , ee , oo .

Long vowels are denoted in writing with the letters: و ، ي ، ا respectively.

But we already know that these three letters are the three consonants: ‘ , y, w .

Therefore, these three letters can denote both the consonants and long vowels. This is why they are called the „weak letters“ حُرُوْفُ الْعِلَّةِ .


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„Careless whisper“~father fiqh a Statuedda ante Imperio

Theme for the New Year’s Poetry Reading (2014) : SEI (quiet)

His Majesty the Emperor
Spreading beyond
The memorial monument
I see before me
The sea of Minamata
So blue, so calm, and so still.
Ireihi no
Saki ni hirogaru
Minamata no
Umi aokushite
Shizuka narikeri

(Background of the poem)
In October Their Majesties the Emperor and the Empress visited Kumamoto Prefecture to attend the National Convention for the Development of an Abundantly Productive Sea and visited the city of Minamata for the first time to participate in the Welcome Ceremony at sea and the release of young fishes into the water. On Their arrival, Their Majesties offered flowers at the Memorial Monument for Minamata Disease Victims. In this poem, His Majesty describes how, on that occasion, He saw the sea of Minamata spreading beyond the Memorial Monument.

Minamata disease is a neurological syndrome caused by severe mercury poisoning, first discovered in Minamata city in Kumamoto Prefecture. It was caused by the release of methylmercury in the industrial wastewater from Chisso Corporation’s chemical plant, which continued from 1932 to 1968.

Her Majesty the Empress
„I now leave to serve
The deity soon to be moved
To a newly built shrine“
So saying with eyes serene
Our daughter left for Ise.
Miutsuri no
Chikaki miyai ni
Hitomi shizukani
Ko wa iite tatsu

(Background of the poem)
Ever since her appointment the year before last as a Special Priestess for the relocation of the deity of the Grand Shrine of Ise, Ms. Sayako Kuroda, Their Majesties‘ daughter, served in a series of ceremonies at the shrine on a number of occasions. The deity has been relocated and installed in a new shrine rebuilt every 20 years since A.D. 690, when the practice first began. In this poem, Her Majesty describes how her daughter came to see Their Majesties in September before her departure for Ise.

His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince
The graceful sound of singing is heard in the stillness of the Sanctuary during the Niiname-sai.

(Background of the poem)
His Imperial Highness accompanies His Majesty The Emperor to the Niiname-sai, the Harvest Thanksgiving Ceremony celebrated from the night of November twenty-third until the morning of the twenty-fourth every year in the Shinkaden housed in the Sanctuary of the Palace. This poem depicts his appreciation of the elegant sounds of the sacred Mikagura music performed outside as heard within the silence of the Sanctuary.

Her Imperial Highness the Crown Princess
As though it enwraps even the sorrow, the sea off Kamaishi lies in tranquility.

(Background of the poem)
In November, Their Imperial Highnesses The Crown Prince and Princess visited Kamaishi in Iwate Prefecture, the site of the great earthquake disaster.
The city was severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami of March, 2011 and is now in the process of recovery. Their Highnesses were most happy to learn there that in May of last year sea urchin fishing had resumed in the Heita District of Kamaishi 2 years after the disaster.
On the day of their visit, the bay of Kamaishi was tranquil. This poem expresses Her Highness’s earnest desire that the sorrow of the people who for many years have lived with the ocean would gradually be lifted, and that the ocean would peacefully protect the livelihood of the people and bring them bountiful blessings.

Sir ChKP,..Landeskrimi|Bundes ‚Rassenkun|uz‘ A \not\ni a\pi // Marvi Marnama Malie al-Lat

‚Love is a battlefield‘ Rap bo~~


Kill B5


Ptchelka et Mouchka
L‘une des chiennes du Spoutnik 6, image de la CIA

Ptchelka (Пчёлка, « petite abeille ») et Mouchka (Мушка, « petite mouche ») passèrent une journée en orbite à bord de Spoutnik 6 le 1er décembre 1960. Elles étaient elles aussi accompagnées « d‘autres animaux », de plantes et d‘insectes.

En raison d‘une erreur de navigation, leur capsule se désintégra pendant la rentrée atmosphérique le 2 décembre ; toutes deux périrent. Mouchka était un des trois chiens entraînés pour le vol du Spoutnik 2 (et avait été utilisée pour des expériences sur Terre), elle n‘y participa pas car elle refusait de manger comme il le fallait.

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Mr Ltn Putin |DD|* ערכז }ס{בכפ

Same Amsterdam/Berlin Nolymp sing|plµral Harburg-Victor|Marie Czechna….Prolegonmenon OLYMPIAN AND CHTHONIC RITUAL.

Much the same external, quasi-political, and always cheerful attitude towards religion is taken by the ‚Old Oligarch 1: He is of course thoroughly orthodox and even pious, yet to him the main gist of religion appears to be a decorous social enjoyment. In easy aristocratic fashion he rejoices that religious ceremonials exist to provide for the less well-to-do citizens suitable amusements that they would otherwise lack. ‚As to sacrifices and sanctuaries and festivals and precincts, the People, knowing that it is impossible for each poor man individually to sacrifice and feast and have sanctuaries and a beautiful and ample city, has discovered by what means he may enjoy these privileges. The whole state accordingly at the common cost sacrifices many victims, while it is the People who feast on them and divide them among themselves by lot‘; and again 2, as part of the splendour of Athens, he notes that ’she celebrates twice as many religious holidays as any other city.‘ The very language used by this typical Athenian gentleman speaks for itself. Burnt-sacrifice (θυσία), feasting, agonistic games, stately temples are to him the essence of religion; the word sacrifice brings to his mind not renunciation but a social banquet; the temple is not to him so much the awful dwelling-place of a divinity as an integral part of a ‚beautiful and ample city.‘

In respect and support….Doha Surat Al-Fath|NL


Comandoyo Kerstin:“²³//

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Wandbild Monque~*


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The Cinematic Relations of Corporeal Feminism
Theresa L. Gell green Lahore cine women riotz for 1943 P.Riot
Towards A Feminist Cinematographic Philosophy

[1] Over the last decade, Deleuzean feminism, the arguably incongruous conjunction of Deleuzean philosophy and feminist theory, has emerged as a field of philosophical inquiry, thanks to the significant contributions of Elizabeth Grosz, Rosi Braidotti, and others. [1] However, few have turned to Gilles Deleuze’s later works on cinema. [2] Of the few who have, writers such as Patricia Pisters, Dorothy Olkowski, and Barbara Kennedy have produced volumes arguing the utility of Deleuzean cinematic concepts for feminist film theory. [3] Their works have engaged Deleuze’s Cinema books to introduce a shift in feminist analyses of cinema and aesthetic production. Yet, Deleuze’s cinematic concepts offer much more than this. As his translators note, Deleuze’s intention is the creation of concepts appropriate to philosophy as well as cinema, forming the hybrid—“cinematographic philosophy.“ Cinematographic philosophy can be understood as the invention of „new concepts… on the basis of some well-known philosophical themes, and then put to work in cinema…For Deleuze, philosophy cannot be a reflection on something else. It is, as we have said, a creation of concepts. But concepts, for Deleuze, are…no longer ‚concepts of‘, understood by reference to their external object…Concepts are the images of thought.“ [4] Cinematographic philosophy, I contend, affords feminism a range of new concepts that engages the „unthought“ of feminist thought. [5] I want to map out the ways Deleuze’s philosophy of the cinema provides an abundance of concepts that beget a new image of feminist thought in general.

[2] In feminism’s engagement with Deleuze, it has been asked: „What sort of epistemology might work with Deleuzean metaphysics? As we move from a metaphysics of being to one of becoming, what becomes of epistemology?“ [6] The following discussion attempts to answer this by sketching the ways a feminist epistemology can not only work with a Deleuzean metaphysics, it can create an altogether different image of thought when „put to work“ with feminism’s concern with the body and its embodiments (and refusals) of the sex-gender system. Gilles Deleuze’s cinematic philosophy, I believe, offers feminism a model for elaborating the performative structures of gender identity most famously developed by Judith Butler over a decade ago. Butler argued even then, „the complexity of gender requires an interdisciplinary and postdisciplinary set of discourses in order to resist the domestication of gender studies or women’s studies within the academy and to radicalize the notion of feminist critique.“ [7] By putting Deleuze’s philosophical treatises on cinema’s production of images and its philosophical implications into conversation with feminism’s insights into the performative nature of the gendered body, I propose a model of feminist film theory that reflects the critical interrogation of the body elaborated by recent feminist critiques. [8] By drawing parallels to feminist theory’s reexamination of the body and desire, I want to illustrate the potential for a specifically feminist cinematographic philosophy attuned to the fissures and ruptures inherent to gender performance. [9]….


‚Yes I can canaa Farhud‘..-שכרצ מנט“ס יעאצף ה

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