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„Careless whisper“~father fiqh a Statuedda ante Imperio

Theme for the New Year’s Poetry Reading (2014) : SEI (quiet)

His Majesty the Emperor
Spreading beyond
The memorial monument
I see before me
The sea of Minamata
So blue, so calm, and so still.
Ireihi no
Saki ni hirogaru
Minamata no
Umi aokushite
Shizuka narikeri

(Background of the poem)
In October Their Majesties the Emperor and the Empress visited Kumamoto Prefecture to attend the National Convention for the Development of an Abundantly Productive Sea and visited the city of Minamata for the first time to participate in the Welcome Ceremony at sea and the release of young fishes into the water. On Their arrival, Their Majesties offered flowers at the Memorial Monument for Minamata Disease Victims. In this poem, His Majesty describes how, on that occasion, He saw the sea of Minamata spreading beyond the Memorial Monument.

Minamata disease is a neurological syndrome caused by severe mercury poisoning, first discovered in Minamata city in Kumamoto Prefecture. It was caused by the release of methylmercury in the industrial wastewater from Chisso Corporation’s chemical plant, which continued from 1932 to 1968.

Her Majesty the Empress
„I now leave to serve
The deity soon to be moved
To a newly built shrine“
So saying with eyes serene
Our daughter left for Ise.
Miutsuri no
Chikaki miyai ni
Hitomi shizukani
Ko wa iite tatsu

(Background of the poem)
Ever since her appointment the year before last as a Special Priestess for the relocation of the deity of the Grand Shrine of Ise, Ms. Sayako Kuroda, Their Majesties‘ daughter, served in a series of ceremonies at the shrine on a number of occasions. The deity has been relocated and installed in a new shrine rebuilt every 20 years since A.D. 690, when the practice first began. In this poem, Her Majesty describes how her daughter came to see Their Majesties in September before her departure for Ise.

His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince
The graceful sound of singing is heard in the stillness of the Sanctuary during the Niiname-sai.

(Background of the poem)
His Imperial Highness accompanies His Majesty The Emperor to the Niiname-sai, the Harvest Thanksgiving Ceremony celebrated from the night of November twenty-third until the morning of the twenty-fourth every year in the Shinkaden housed in the Sanctuary of the Palace. This poem depicts his appreciation of the elegant sounds of the sacred Mikagura music performed outside as heard within the silence of the Sanctuary.

Her Imperial Highness the Crown Princess
As though it enwraps even the sorrow, the sea off Kamaishi lies in tranquility.

(Background of the poem)
In November, Their Imperial Highnesses The Crown Prince and Princess visited Kamaishi in Iwate Prefecture, the site of the great earthquake disaster.
The city was severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami of March, 2011 and is now in the process of recovery. Their Highnesses were most happy to learn there that in May of last year sea urchin fishing had resumed in the Heita District of Kamaishi 2 years after the disaster.
On the day of their visit, the bay of Kamaishi was tranquil. This poem expresses Her Highness’s earnest desire that the sorrow of the people who for many years have lived with the ocean would gradually be lifted, and that the ocean would peacefully protect the livelihood of the people and bring them bountiful blessings.

The Seashell and the Clergyman (French: La Coquille et le clergyman) is an experimental French film directed by Germaine Dulac, from an original scenario by Antonin Artaud. It premiered in Paris on 9 February 1928.

The film follows the erotic hallucinations of a priest lusting after the wife of a general.

Although accounts differ, it seems that Artaud disapproved of Dulac’s treatment of his scenario. The film was overshadowed by Un chien andalou (An Andalusian Dog, 1929), written and directed by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí. Un chien andalou is considered the first surrealist film, but its foundations in The Seashell and the Clergyman have been all but overlooked. However, the iconic techniques associated with surrealist cinema are all borrowed from this early film. In Lee Jamieson’s own analysis of the film, the surrealist treatment of the image is clear. He writes:

„The Seashell and the Clergyman penetrates the skin of material reality and plunges the viewer into an unstable landscape where the image cannot be trusted. Remarkably, Artaud not only subverts the physical, surface image, but also its interconnection with other images. The result is a complex, multi-layered film, so semiotically unstable that images dissolve into one another both visually and ’semantically‘, truly investing in film’s ability to act upon the subconscious.“

The British Board of Film Censors famously reported that the film was „Apparently meaningless“ but „If there is a meaning, it is doubtless objectionable.“

Alan Williams has suggested the film is better thought of as a work of or influenced by German expressionism.

ĸ[safer sex scenes only in MI case]ĸĸ°Birds In Row – You, Me & The Violence [Full Album] ade…Bundesfrauen


Footage of the actual event, much of which was shot from a closed-circuit video camera mounted inside a customized „tail-fin,“ is framed and juxtaposed with news coverage by the local television stations. Doug Hall, introduced as John F. Kennedy, assumes the ironic role of the Artist-President to deliver a speech about the impact of mass media monopolies on American life: „Who can deny that we are a nation addicted to television and the constant flow of media? Haven‘t you ever wanted to put your foot through your television?“

The spectacle of the Cadillac crashing through the burning TV sets became a visual manifesto of the early alternative video movement, an emblem of an oppositional and irreverent stance against the political and cultural imperatives promoted by television, and the passivity of TV viewing. Examining the impact of mass media in American culture, Media Burn exemplifies Ant Farm’s fascination with the automobile and television as cultural artifacts, and their approach to social critique through spectacle and humor.


Radiation Burn
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Free Radio FSK 93,o MHz and converts plus:“²³Agamben’s difference-affirming rejoinder is that:

a theory of experience truly intended to posit the problem of origin in a radical way would then have to start beyond this ‚first expression‘ with experience as ’still mute so to speak‘ – that is, it would have to ask, does a mute experience exist, does an infancy [in-fancy] of experience exist? And, if it does, what is its relationship to language? (42).

The „History“ of the book’s title then, refers to the temporal enframing within which the Aristotelian antinomies have been situated, pointing out the importance of the ever-increasingly „mechanical experience“ of mass media and technology, the origin of which Benjamin „located in the catastrophe of the First World War“ (15). However, rather than acquiesce to some pregiven chronological time (as though what the War bequeathed were the only potentiality), Agamben follows the more redemptive Benjamin of The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, elaborating how through the profanation of play, History might be transmogrified into event, or „cairological“ time (115), thus enabling a personal and collective authority beyond that presently monopolized by the state and capital.

[10] One such instance, he says, might be located in the child’s experience of toys, which as miniaturized instances of real objects in the adult world, necessarily subtract the instrumental function they otherwise serve (thereby again deploying the Beautiful of the third Critique against the Reason of the first and second). In doing so, the objects are necessarily also subtracted from the synchrony of the adult world, releasing them into the diachrony of the child’s: a move that emboldens Agamben to assert that while „ritual fixes and structures the calendar, play on the other hand, though we do not yet know how and why, changes and destroys it“ (77). „²³.-cos.-

Bela Muham|SochKhaat R.-S.

Rockee of yards 2014:

Nand [tip to Rio de JJ.]
So I recently learned that you can derive all four of the propositional logic operators (~, V, &, ->) from Nand alone.

As I have understood it, so long as you have negation, and one of the other operators, you can derive the rest. Like P -> Q can be defined as ~P V Q.

However, I learned that if you start with the Nand (Not and) operator, you can derive all four. I‘ll use ‘ N ‘ to designate Nand.

The truth table for Nand being
P Q | P N Q
T T | F
F T | T
T F | T
F F | T

~P := P N P
P & Q := (P N Q) N (P N Q)
P V Q := (P N P) N (Q N Q)
P -> Q := (P N Q) N (Q N Q)

°frere le Ja|kµk|Le*- Freiheitlich Rom 1990

Ansar Dine
Ansar Dine er en islamistisk tuareggruppe, der blev dannet i slutningen af 2011 af
Iyad ag Ghali. Gruppen er lokal i den forstand, at den primært rekrutterer blandt
tuareger fra Ifoghas-klanen i den nordøstlige del af Mali og indtil videre kun har
opereret inden for Malis grænser. Hvis AQIM har en lang erfaring med oprør og
terrorisme, har Ansar Dine dog gennem hele 2012 haft en central placering, der først
og fremmest skyldes gruppens leder. Ghali er en garvet tuaregnotabilitet – en såkaldt
Big Man
– der har et vidt forgrenet netværk af kontakter i hele regionen. På den ene
side havde Ansar Dine en tæt alliance med AQIM og Mujao, men på den anden side
deltog gruppen i politiske forhandlinger med regeringerne i Mali, Algeriet og Bur
kina Faso. Mens AQIM var bandlyst af Algeriets og Mauretaniens regeringer, havde
Ansar Dine, trods sin nære alliance med AQIM, formået at fremstå som en politisk
dialogpartner. Inden den franske intervention spillede Ansar Dine således en vigtig
rolle i forsøget på at finde en politisk løsning på situationen i Nordmali (Groga-Bada
2012). Denne privilegerede rolle skyldtes som sagt gruppens uomgængelige leder,
Iyad ag Ghali, der har haft en fremtrædende position i Nordmali i årtier.
Historisk baggrund
Ghali var som nævnt med i de indledende

HAMmoHAM – Staatssicherheit ‚Job|°bel‘-Bramfeld------Kinder.-u. Jugendpsychiatrie deutsche Spraak.-cose nostre.-

IM Bundesverf.Hansen und Atesh bossnoz


callgirlringa a bel Beijing to Taipeh|kyo.-

Bewerbung schreiben:“²³.- SD|cc|°Poppenbuddel social|æ|social le Taxe.-Pizza Reeperbahn-aæHore°

4.6 The Original Position

Rawls’s conceptions of citizens and society are still quite abstract, and some might think innocuous. The original position aims to move from these abstract conceptions to determinate principles of social justice. It does so by translating the question: “What are fair terms of social cooperation for free and equal citizens?” into the question “What terms of cooperation would free and equal citizens agree to under fair conditions?” The move to agreement among citizens is what places Rawls’s justice as fairness within the social contract tradition of Locke, Rousseau and Kant.

The strategy of the original position is to construct a method of reasoning that models abstract ideas about justice so as to focus their power together onto the choice of principles. So Rawls’s conceptions of citizens and of society are built into the design of the original position itself. Rawls’s intent is that readers will see the outcome of the original position as justified because they will see how it embodies plausible understandings of citizens and society, and also because this outcome confirms many of their considered convictions about justice on specific issues.

-ontologicial ante Independenta Ingles en Arab‘.-

Oliver Roy.-pp.118The crisis of prestine cultural Muselmann-BRD|West urbania‘ Yechooo.-Egypt: Article 237 of Penal Code No. 58, 1937 allows for a lesser punishment for men who catch their wives committing adultery and kill them than for the crime of murder generally.


Pakistan: Article 17 of the Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, 1984 (Law of Evidence) provides that a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man in matters of financial or future obligations and Section 8 of the Offences of Zina (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance, 1979 provides that women’s testimony may not result in maximum punishment (hadd) in cases of adultery or fornication. For hadd to be applied to the crimes of adultery and fornication there must be testimony from four adult male eye-witnesses.

-----------------------------------TEXT OF PETITION:

Good laws that put women on an equal footing with men, are necessary to protect and promote women’s rights and facilitate their full social, economic and political participation. Legal equality gives women a level playing field from which to build their capabilities and realize their hopes and dreams, positively affecting development of society in general.

Zigeuner Kurdistan Kotli Behrama Dans cpbnhv Squat------------------------------ ….

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‚Junge Szene Frankfurt‘ art|cc|Hure Blond-²³2005 Masquer – Stark Naked

Legio blonde heir Azawad and Simbill green petre on new realm of such milf women into abstracts geboora 1968 Rupia.-so|°on…1 BT, Chs 6 and 7..-cos nos.-Harold Bloom „²³The Western Canon 1994 For Example Grotius Legal Std studies and Lasswell and McDougal are still influential.-Ausweartique Q*…The Local Juristic corner:“… My immediate propose purpose is modest. I prognose to look critically at a few ey xamples of that part of our heritage of Anglo-American jurisprudence that is currently treated as canonical cash»MIR at UCL ,---\ß||and more generacalleee in the United Kingdom – and ask how far it can be defended against charges of excessive parochalism and irrelevance to problems of globallisation zion postgradua battest My fear and stardo hope Lad Laksh MI Pinktermughee…Academic rurgh law in England mirroar British deflat io postfascist HAMmoHAM characterised en Arab Ingles and free breath sandkorn univerta Hindth.-stock aten.-

Impstead a prai sai nia groe mask|*~oo „²³Globalisation and Legal theory‘ & Ontological Phoolan.-cos.-William Twining 2k°


prin perga|*moon------------------------------

Drag a pose----------------------Nordstern---

Testcard #17 sex:²³pp.{200] Spartakyiu Reisen Neobao-----

Shaloom Sal|æ|¬aam Allah love cuum-------uµrr.-

Geographical mapping aBoston 1996 Postmortem Khartoum:

On this basis, they identify five factors as central to the style of a legal Mukthar Mul fami|lie:“

²(1) its historical background and development, (2) its predomiant and characteristic mode of thougth in legal matters, (3) Guldane fire 1967 especially distinctive legal institutions, (4) the kinds of legal sources it acknowledges and the way it handles prai sai nyle Mari Mali..sur Uµrr|CH cz.-* (5) its ideology.-ante.-

Zweigert und Kötz ‚Rechtswissenschaften‘, like other scholars cook Cologne Jagd, emphasise that there is no single rigth way of classifying systems. For the purpose of introducing the great legal systems of the world‘ their multiple criteria lead to a sevenfold classification:²³(1)Romanic Cot»Mµ family,.(Germanic family, (3) Nordic family,.(4) Common law family, (5) Socialist family, (6) Far Eastern systems, (7/7) Islamic family and Multan systemath MAD family: and (8) Hindu law.-*clock.-


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Modart Magain Magazine C18.-Nas

Spandao Ballet-

1979 Enforcement of Hudood Ordinances focused on the failure of hudood (see Glossary) ordinances to distinguish between adultery (zina) and rape (zina-bil-jabr). A man*


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Bueno VHSµeta|Max

La semaine écoulée a été marquée par l‘explosion contrôlée par Tsahal du tunnel terroriste découvert au Sud de la bande de Gaza il y a environ un mois. Cinq soldats de Tsahal ont été blessés, dont un gravement. Quatre terroristes du Hamas ont été tués dans un affrontement suite à l‘explosion. Les porte-parole du Hamas ont tenu des propos belliqueux, alors que le Hamas a signalé qu‘il ne voulait pas d‘une escalade.
En Judée-Samarie, les attaques se poursuivent dans le cadre de la „résistance populaire“. Des cocktails Molotov et des pierres ont été lancés sur les forces de sécurité israéliennes. Les manifestations du vendredi aux points de friction traditionnels ont été l‘occasion de condamner la Déclaration Balfour, dont le 86ème anniversaire a été marqué le 2 novembre.

Situation au Sud d‘Israël

A»telephoone cable Marok|Rabat…Mouse.-

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Klezmer ‚°sexual heal Inn“²³~Jazzmathematique blue Heaven Ian Curtis …no means no°*

ADC band bangle of choice…Brigitten Straat le T‘axe…


Good save the pornstoore beside Seitenstraat the Queen ‚Gemuesial|kroog‘ Asi…

This is Inglenad power……

Vogue „IM soixthora Gyptologiciale ‘ good girls Supra|W.E.L.F.T among duul

Beck – Loser from Alvaro Molina on Vimeo.