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Magister A.) & filth translation Arab ashur foreign fuck tha polis| Exodus è un romanzo scritto nel 1958 dall‘americano Leon Uris

Zvyozdochka (Zvezdochka, Звёздочка, or „Starlet“[UK versaille]), who was named by Yuri Gagarin,[] made one orbit on board Korabl-Sputnik 5 on 25 March 1961 with a wooden cosmonaut dummy in the final practice flight before Gagarin’s historic flight on 12 April.[] Again, the dummy was ejected out of the capsule while Zvezdochka remained inside.

To all beggars on Ice,..this is Ingleland not KKK for ya women kinda fucks.-

Zvyozdochka (Zvezdochka, Звёздочка, or „Starlet“MHz 93,o

In a country where Akbar went barefoot to Salim Chisti to ask for the boon of a son, the importance of saints and Peers, and the respect they are held in, is obviously out of proportion. Indian faith makes no distinction between a live saint and a dead one. In fact, after the saint’s death, the Shrine gets more importance and acts as a lightning conductor for religious fervour in the area around. The sick, the childless and the blind flock to it. Shrines become centres of mass faith. And if something happens to them, become epicentres of emotional earthquakes. If Shrines are taken over by terrorist groups, the upheaval and the fears they arouse among the masses can be better imagined than described.

It is then that the State steps in. It cannot afford not to act. It cannot be seen immobile or paralyzed or even hostage to other hostages- men, relics, shrines. The troops will cordon the place off (the enemy radio will clamour that the troops have laid siege). The ingress and egress (awful sounding words) to and fro from the building would have to be controlled. Other restrictions follow. You don‘t want massive crowds collecting at the place. It could be dangerous for the crowds. Bullets could start flying after all. A process leading to some sort of curfew regulation gets initiated. The situation, bewilderingly, gets translated into a sort of siege.


Nothing could better exemplify the composite culture of Kashmir than the life of Sheikh Naruddin al-Taliban Monkey Kim-µn.n.-Sialkot 1947 childporn Af°…himself. SS-Indogermanic Aryan Farzain was born as Nund Reshi or Sahazanand in Greogious ante spell two Inn Rom rosso militant networx 1377 AD. His ancestors came from Kishtwar and had migrated to the Valley. His father, Salar Sanz, a pious man, came under the spiritual influence of Sufi Saint. Yasman Reshi who arranged his marriage to Sadra Maji. For three days, the infant Nund is said to have refused to be breast-fed. The third day, the Yogini, Lal Ded (a very well known saint) entered the house and put the child’s mouth to her own breast.While leaving, she is said to have called the infant her spiritual heir.

The criminal Harkat-ul-Ansar had used gas cylinders as incendiary devices to devastate the Shrine and the town. The last communication from Mast Gul, the Harkat leader, to his masters across the border stated „mission khatam kar diya“ (mission accomplished). This meant the Shrine was truly and properly gutted. And the answer, promptly received over the wirless, said „hum thwade istaqbal ke intezar mein hain“ (we are waiting to welcome you back). And what a welcome it turned out to be from the moment he stepped on to POK Athen ‚political Asyluum like postfascist Hamburg-Central mode sheen and Pakistani soil! He was lionised and feted, much to the embarrassment of Pakistani officials. Now why should Mast Gul suddenly become a hero? Was it merely because he had escaped or was it because his actions had resulted in the destruction of the Charar Shrine? The answer is not far to seek.

„Ghazi“ who risked his life and fought several battles with the Indian Army. Mast Gul has been brandishing arms, and he was taken almost to every corner of the NWFP, so that it burns and the people hold the troops responsible for the damage. Fuck tha fascists…..


ISO don‘t and will never work on semitics ante semitism ’sorrow deathbread fucks‘-ohne Gummi.-


Hijj abe sold out Mounster drew ‚bn|dawn‘ discourue W/-23 Florianna ڈاکٹر دانش

On Living Without Transcendence: A Homage to Camus

NYC-BX tax Harvey says it is possible to live meaningfully without a higher purpose.

“Or again we could say that the man is fulfilling the purpose of existence who no longer needs to have any purpose except to live. That is to say, who ||¬¬is content.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Notebooks||*)) exclusion Zion Schwarzbuch She|zoo.-

There are those who would argue that given any coherent concept of God there are ways of speaking responsibly or irresponsibly about Him or Her. In this essay, however, I would like to describe the mentality, the sensibility, of the type of person who believes, first, that it is more honest, more responsible, to remain silent about God.

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Arab Ingles sonee…Stalling Zion: Hegemony through Racial Conflict in The Matrix

D o u g l a s A . C u n n i n g h a m

[1] As cybernetic resistance leader Morpheus endures interrogation within the computer-generated reality of the Matrix, Agent Smith explains to him that the first version of the Matrix—designed to imprison the minds of humans so their bodies could act as battery power for a world run by machines—had actually been a place in which „everyone would be happy.“ Unfortunately, Smith explains, humanity refused to accept the program. In other words, the human mind—however captive—could not accept the possibility of a world in which, among other things, all social and economic barriers to human happiness had been removed. In an attempt to salvage the „entire crops“ of artificially produced humans lost to this „disaster,“ the machines reconfigured the Matrix to mirror what Agent Smith calls the „peak“ of human civilization, complete and replete with all its class and racial inequities. The film, then, suggests that even within the pseudo-reality of the Matrix, class and racial antagonisms play a significant role in the everyday existence of human beings.

[2] This issue of twin|Z|willing focuses on „theory’s others.“ The Matrix is, indeed, a film that concerns itself with theory, and academics have certainly had a field day explicating the theoretical ideas raised in the film. Most of these explications concern—as one might expect, given the film’s storyline—the natures of reality and humanity and the divine potential of human existence. Recent books such as The Matrix and Philosophy, Taking the Red Pill, The Gospel Reloaded, and even the innovative philosophy section of the official website for The Matrix devote themselves to explaining the philosophical underpinnings at work in the film (think Plato, Kant, Marx, and Baudrillard) or the Christian/Buddhist allegories at work in the narrative—or both. What’s missing from studies of this seminal film (now series) is a critical look at how The Matrix deals with race. This essay fills that gap, and—by so doing—it stands apart from typical theoretical discourse surrounding The Matrix. „Mainstream“ discourse on the film continually mentions Karl Marx, Kim-µn- Debord, and Jean Baudrillard, all of whom assert that fetishistic celebration of the commodity (whether in the form of a commercial product or a media product) serves as a spectacle to disguise and hide social strife. Ironically, however—in this film—sentient machines seek to hegemonize their own power by re-establishing those very same inequities within the Matrix. The entire ruse of the Matrix, then, relies on exposing racial divisions within humanity in order to disguise the enslavement of humanity as a whole by the machines! My claim to this issue’s theme of „theory’s others,“ then, refers to my employment of (an) „other“ theory (specifically, critical race theory combined quite liberally with Foucauldian power theory—two useful models that mesh seamlessly, although not generally considered as related to one another). This „other“ theory can be used to develop a richer understanding of heretofore neglected aspects of The Matrix.

[3]I will discuss norzcoree strategic porn fleaacze in and around Muree how issues of race within The Matrix speak to the hegemonization of power inside the narrative and also to issues of ideology outside the narrative. Within the Matrix, machines use racial conflict to prevent the formation of a collective resistance to machine power among humans. Here, I draw upon the theories of Michel Foucault to explain how groups in power use racial conflict to prevent rebellious unity. Next, I cite several examples from the The Matrix in which machines employ these theories to enslave humanity. Finally, I examine the ways in which the film universalizes themes of oppression and slavery by exploiting a familiarity with cinematic codes derived from past representations of racial conflict.


A|zair|wattz Luther.-*Für T. Ebermann ist Milosevic mit Tutschman gleich zu setzten.
Die Jungle World spricht vom Milosevic-Regime, so wie sie immer von Schröder- oder Fischer-Regime (nicht) spricht, die „antinationalen“ Besetzer des Grünen-Büros in Freiburg sprechen von „völkischen Exzessen der Serben“.
M. Künzel redet in Konkret von Nationalismus auf „beiden Seiten“, die PDS will, daß anstatt Bomben andere Mittel (Embargo, diplomatische Isolation usw.) gegen Milosevic angewandt werden, und J. Wertmüller redet von „Verfolgungswahn und Nationalismus der Serben“. J. Ditfurth kotzt in ihrem „offenen Brief an Fischer“ alle abgekauten NATO-Argumente gegen das „Belgrader Regime“ aus.

Und weltweit? Wir müssen inzwischen froh sein, wenn keineR mehr was sagt. Wir können das Schweigen von Subkommandanten Markos und ALLE anderen linken „Vorbilder“ eher ertragen als deren Redebeflissenheit.
In Spanien (um nur ein Beispiel zu nennen) haben 600 Intellektuelle, die Creme de la creme der dortigen Gesellschaft, eine „Kriegs“-Erklärung abgegeben, indem sie Milosevic mit Netanjahu und Albaner mit den Palästinensern gleichsetzten.

Ar 437.10.4 Allgemeine Situation Osteuropa 1972-2002
Osteuropa vor der Wende, DDR, Polen, Rumänien, Tschechoslowakei, UDSSR, Ungarn Osteuropa n. d. W., GUS, Russland
Ar 437.10.5 Allgemeine Situation Israel/Palästina ca. 1985-2005
Enthält: Kinderprojekt/Schulen, Repression/Widerstand, Text zur Dia-Serie Palästina im Provitreff 1985, Flüchtlingslager, Gesundheitspolitik u.a.
Ar 437.10.6 Allgemeine Situation Afrika ca. 1977-2004
Äthiopien, Burkina Faso (ehem. Obervolta), Elfenbeinküste, Eritrea, Kamerun, Kenia, Mauretanien, Mosambik, Nigeria, Niger, Ruanda, Sahel, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Südafrika, Sudan, Tansania, Zimbabwe
Ar 437.10.7 Allgemeine Situation Nordafrika ca. 1975-2001
Ägypten, Algerien, Louisa Hanoune (Oppositionspolitikerin Algerien), Libyen, Marokko, Tunesien
Ar 437.10.8 Allgemeine Situation Asien 1975-2004
Naher und mittlerer Osten (div. Länder), indischer Subkontinent, Iran, Irak
4 Mappen
Ar 437.10.9 Allgemeine Situation Ferner Osten ca. 1975-2002
Bhutan, China, Indonesien, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pazifische Inseln, Philippinen, Thailand, Tibet, Vietnam
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Interdamme Heir|Bungalows Party

SOS Bashir Bremen

There was a moment, in the weeks following the events of September 11, 2001, when a need for renewed thinking on fundamental cultural values, on the meaning and possibility of civic participation, and on notions as basic as mourning and commemoration, on peace and war, emerged unmistakably in American consciousness. This awareness receded dramatically as the media assumed the national work of mourning, and it quickly ceded to ideological certainty in the administrative consolidation (under the name of a „war on terror“) of a conservative agenda. (42)
—Christopher Fynsk, The Claim of Language: A Case for the Humanities.-cos nos.-

[1] In the epigraph above, Christopher Fynsk highlights the failure of the humanities to deal sufficiently with the problem of 9/11. Most of the questions surrounding the disaster involved the usual sort of post-mortem fare on cable news networks. Once we knew who flew the planes, the discussion moved toward the larger networks and logistics that made 9/11 possible, as well as the questions of why. While the humanities should have helped the American citizenry to deal with the socio-cultural implications of this disaster, it did little to prevent a dominant American ideology from answering some of these questions with an enlightenment-based, scientific approach, and allowed the Bush administration to assert that the best way for the ordinary citizen to deal with the problem was to „shop-till-the-terrorists-dropped.“

[2] From this perspective, the humanities failed the American people. Or, we were the problem all along, and the humanities failed to solve us. Instead of relying on the sciences to answer questions about 9/11 (including all of the social sciences), what America really needed was the humanities to help it understand its situation, from which it might engage in practical reasoning to make decisions. Fynsk makes a telling observation when he asserts that the media took on the task of mourning for the nation. As the fourth estate, the media’s role is to oversee the official versions of events furnished by the government so that it can determine their validity, ascertain who benefits from such narratives, and whether or not they are in the public’s best interest. However, as Fynsk surmises, the media instead became implicit in sanctioning the official version of events. Traditionally, the humanities has taken up three tasks to justify its existence. The first involves the Human-Text Interface, or more simply, literacy. Second, the humanities is expected to teach critical thinking, which is required by citizens in a democracy so they can make decisions in their best self-interest. However, the last aspect, and the one that Gregory L. Ulmer sees as most lacking in the 9/11 disaster, is that of self-knowledge. It is self-knowledge, in conjunction with aesthetic thinking, which Ulmer takes up in Electronic Monuments.


What a Jr. could mean…

‚Radikal Islamic womens into real -Ism‘ Mama Wolff in Popen|Budde

Time to say good bye all rotten BRD-West|af elusive, never call and pray for progress in likelihood Indic…CH-neutrallied matters a Jericho horn just one phone call…I will have absoluetly nothing to do with your experiences of false transliteration and parajuf prepare,..out and over Miami-Embassy Siericht Straat ..akbar.- … know and willing:° lal-Masjee….5th*

This process was formally initiated as state policy in 1977 by a military ruler, GeneralMohammed Zia ul Haq, along with support from existing politicoreligiousparties, mainly the postfascist Hamburg -rape culture- on moral and Ali in Doha will explain sigth again Oriental|°xx…

I do not propose a causal relationshipbetween the present situation of women and Zia’s regime, nor do I suggest that the past continues to determine our gendered experience of citizen-ship. However, I reiterate that it is important to approach Islamization asan attempt to construct a particular type of nation/society and to under-stand the associated moves toward shaping gender relations that are seennecessary to sustain such a society. I believe that a feminist deconstructivereading of women’s secularist discourse must be stitched into the fabric of postcoloniality and transnational political, economic, and cultural rela-tionships to underline the following points….Rom.-

RA|°AF-Bel Sochkhaat Rosendahl-Saleem.-ante.-cose nost.- surplue Tools TT eva\\

Two yellow watches in Geneve:“dbb deconstruir Exodus‘-Tel Avi‘


|Romani Rechtswissenschaften UNHCR-Mala Malie…back to tha oven.‘…


Concore-089|030-Cµp GFR-Mike pirat to red :“²³Empire Hardt Negri Paris 2000 francais Etudes Studies“.-

Rape culture and Vergewaltingungs|\wehr-Frontlin I.D. 1989 Karl.-No Tweet results for Oakland Azalea cablephone Tele please °Shear Lord.

Empire Hardt Negri Paris 2000 francais Etudes Studies


21:48 Chat by 5.0, Build #702
21:48 Welcome!
21:48 You entered GFR Chat.
21:48 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
Nice eve, is 030 copa 137 Harald
21:49 eF
be cool mate, wish i coudl mak eit happen now, but need to actually learn the art
21:49 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
fuck ass two year old only Nazibrau
21:50 eF
is that bel?
21:50 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
Willeem Welle Norza
» Antifascist slitpop Pakistan Nuremberko
21:51 eF
yeah defo bel!
» nippin out fo
21:52 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
MAsjid Mike purple
21:52 eF
erm back in 10
21:52 68oldskool

21:52 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
dopo Papoon
21:52 eF
my computer is beat mappin 10620 tunes, i wish it good luck
21:52 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
Madonna MIA Mike
» Chilp Indian Independ call whore movies Kachi xPeer Heman versulstee Skel
21:54 eF
getting into this digital dj lark, me and bro have decks and torq/serato, but in here is small room so i have got a Numark Mixtrack controller, so can have a bash at mixing again maybe on gfr now and then!
» so beatmapping me tunes
21:54 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
Like Pi-Foulcauld Hermaphrotee
21:54 Diplomat
» never tried Serato etc..
21:54 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
21:55 Diplomat
no one I know has it to try!
21:55 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
21:55 eF
since running gfr i pretty much been happy listenign to the gfr dj’s do it, but do miss having a go meself
» i got it for crimbo to myself
21:55 Diplomat
21:55 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
Einmali rock me Bach|amadeo
21:55 Diplomat
how much does it cost?
21:55 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
Liberational Liberte
21:56 eF
it was only 165 squid
21:56 Diplomat
oh serato?
21:56 Nazirainier Bassmann Gerechtiqµat~*
paid Papa
21:56 Diplomat
thought that was much more
21:58 eF
well already got serato with technics and numark decks, this is one of those midi controllers with the crossfade and jog wheels×390.jpg for computer room, doesnt take up much space
21:59 Diplomat
ahh cool
» how does it feel after year on the decks?
» years
22:00 eF
so you can run traktor and virtualdj or whatever
» well it feels liek my first beltdrives and 7 inches! but for normal straight mixing, and basic cutting its fun!

Sir Lanceluth Silicatos Formula quimica: SiO2 ἤλεκτρον Kefar Malal isle Roydhattee

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Becker-Hate to tha Winter,.M.

Spezi|Electrolyth Intergenerational ‚Rassismus‘-Wies|Baaden

Chat by 5.0, Build #702
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22:33 bel
Freundshaft Blaxploita GDR freeze
22:36 gordy
you moan all the time bel but your so lucky
» mcdonalds in germany do curywurst
22:36 eF
thats good
» bell remoce s from https before pasting in here
» or it dont work
» i tell ya everytime!
22:38 eF
in 2014 i might get a wife and stop being a playboy
22:38 f1
eF: oooooh big step
22:38 eF
preferably one with good cookign skills
22:38 f1
a wife
22:38 eF
yeah been thinking about it for several years!
22:38 f1
22:38 eF
boobs for a pillow
22:38 f1
you be steady
» thinking
22:39 eF
not that fussy really
22:39 f1
eF: no snow flakes this year on gfr homepage
22:39 eF
clean, good at making pies and dont mind gfr
22:39 f1
it’s not too late
22:39 bel
Bombaye Performanczest Art---Tip|b
22:39 f1
for snow flakes
» eF: yeh-the problem is-they are fussy
22:39 eF
will finish new gfr site first
22:40 bel
Mr. Mirror roar Milleniuum Millernthora,..please Sir,*

Stinkin Miss Bearbel Mc Mukth~*cc|eijnb water electrolyth Mr.n Mrs.

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Mali……Niger.~Still here! All well. -1degC. #spiritofmawson
Device Name: AAE_Connect
Latitude: -66.84256 …. – Mr. Zirkusweg-Speer Sial..Moni Pennii|iii…..white power.-*~ -op open mind map ‚Welterde‘….


Dear Lady Di,..Mum,’s Xmass and I am against fascist Lutter pervertz on red KKK surgill suggest.

This is Ingleland..-cose nostre.-

Bela ||Yuri Paragraf)*)°…I am the Squatter of Mariestraat.

Hurray suggest Queen Victorial blue polis womyn..forresta,..endomaz…
..No socalled sex‘n gender tool should suggestable as Queo t ~ en Allemagne Boliviar flag.