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irrational roots

This may fall in the category of duh!, but here goes anyway. Like most folks, I know that irrational numbers in decimal form are just an unending and unrepeating string of integers out to the right of the decimal point. The square root of 2, for example, is 1.414213562373059999…. And I‘ve always thought (without really thinking) that the only reason you cannot write it down is because, well, it’s unending. But the other day I was thinking about just what a squaring of the square root of 2 would look like. You‘d have this very tall stack of numbers (the paper and pencil multiplication itself) and when added, it would all very neatly sum, right-to-left and column by column, to zeroes, until you carried the ultimate 1 and got the final 2 on the left of the decimal point.

Not so simple. Here’s the difficulty. The decimal expansion must have a right-most integer (by hypothesis) not equal to zero. But the square of that integer cannot be zero! (Think about it.) Therefore the square root of two simply cannot be represented, at least in decimal format, because if it could, it would have to terminate in zero, and it doesn‘t. That somehow seems a deeper reason than that it’s just unrepeating and unending.

And it seems to hold for all non-integer roots: you cannot get from one of them, by squaring or cubing or anything else, to any integer, because that terminal right-most integer is not zero, and therefore the multiplication will always have something to the right of the decimal point …

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