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------------------------De Imperatoribus Romanis

any remains, impression, or trace of a living thing of a former geologic age, as a skeleton, footprint, etc.
a markedly outdated or old-fashioned person or thing.
a linguistic form that is archaic except in certain restricted contexts, as nonce in for the nonce, or that follows a rule or pattern that is no longer productive, as the sentence So be it.
of the nature of a fossil: fossil insects.
belonging to a past epoch or discarded system; antiquated: a fossil approach to economics.[[°open||xclam||]]

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5th surplue Shannon Bell cite anon,.-


The Cinematic Relations of Corporeal Feminism
Theresa L. Gell green Lahore cine women riotz for 1943 P.Riot
Towards A Feminist Cinematographic Philosophy

[1] Over the last decade, Deleuzean feminism, the arguably incongruous conjunction of Deleuzean philosophy and feminist theory, has emerged as a field of philosophical inquiry, thanks to the significant contributions of Elizabeth Grosz, Rosi Braidotti, and others. [1] However, few have turned to Gilles Deleuze’s later works on cinema. [2] Of the few who have, writers such as Patricia Pisters, Dorothy Olkowski, and Barbara Kennedy have produced volumes arguing the utility of Deleuzean cinematic concepts for feminist film theory. [3] Their works have engaged Deleuze’s Cinema books to introduce a shift in feminist analyses of cinema and aesthetic production. Yet, Deleuze’s cinematic concepts offer much more than this. As his translators note, Deleuze’s intention is the creation of concepts appropriate to philosophy as well as cinema, forming the hybrid—“cinematographic philosophy.“ Cinematographic philosophy can be understood as the invention of „new concepts… on the basis of some well-known philosophical themes, and then put to work in cinema…For Deleuze, philosophy cannot be a reflection on something else. It is, as we have said, a creation of concepts. But concepts, for Deleuze, are…no longer ‚concepts of‘, understood by reference to their external object…Concepts are the images of thought.“ [4] Cinematographic philosophy, I contend, affords feminism a range of new concepts that engages the „unthought“ of feminist thought. [5] I want to map out the ways Deleuze’s philosophy of the cinema provides an abundance of concepts that beget a new image of feminist thought in general.

[2] In feminism’s engagement with Deleuze, it has been asked: „What sort of epistemology might work with Deleuzean metaphysics? As we move from a metaphysics of being to one of becoming, what becomes of epistemology?“ [6] The following discussion attempts to answer this by sketching the ways a feminist epistemology can not only work with a Deleuzean metaphysics, it can create an altogether different image of thought when „put to work“ with feminism’s concern with the body and its embodiments (and refusals) of the sex-gender system. Gilles Deleuze’s cinematic philosophy, I believe, offers feminism a model for elaborating the performative structures of gender identity most famously developed by Judith Butler over a decade ago. Butler argued even then, „the complexity of gender requires an interdisciplinary and postdisciplinary set of discourses in order to resist the domestication of gender studies or women’s studies within the academy and to radicalize the notion of feminist critique.“ [7] By putting Deleuze’s philosophical treatises on cinema’s production of images and its philosophical implications into conversation with feminism’s insights into the performative nature of the gendered body, I propose a model of feminist film theory that reflects the critical interrogation of the body elaborated by recent feminist critiques. [8] By drawing parallels to feminist theory’s reexamination of the body and desire, I want to illustrate the potential for a specifically feminist cinematographic philosophy attuned to the fissures and ruptures inherent to gender performance. [9]….


s.o.k.o. Fami|lie


Auf vielfachen Wunsch-di 89 |af 800 Hamburg rough

..oder Pakistan Weltkrieg around Planetistan under current an Antifascist boi in the Veteranz|Nazi-hood…clap,..clap…zoo porn still exist since globe Kameralis free..

India has 2,237 troops of the 7,000 originally sanctioned troops, while the Deputy Force Commander is India’s Brigadier General Asit Mistry.[6] Guatemala and Pakistan are also troop contributors.

-white mask Suisse Oberst ‚Hasskappe‘…-Strassenvadder Darth…1967 I know a Smuggler from Sialkot, well prepared Grosse Freiheit Thai-Sub‘ for admeir …clap,..clap,..Gregorius.


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Good bye bless Mama Moni Rosaff

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22:25 Chat by 5.0, Build #702
22:25 Welcome!
22:25 You entered GFR Chat.
22:25 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
Yo Punx
22:25 eF
yo Bel me old china
22:25 f1
quite fextive sounding the start of this track
» hello bel
22:25 eF
22:25 f1
i‘ll hold you like china
22:25 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
noodlez all 3rd perverted Dunhill 2000 brother Italian..base
22:25 f1
phil collins
22:26 eF
just nippin garden for a xmas urbla remdie
22:26 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
Vieth Bos_snippee
» Whats Sisi Musharafee fique
22:27 eF
bel its nearly 2014
22:27 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } KanagramVersion 0.2Using KDE Development Platform 4.10.5 „release 1
22:27 eF
22:28 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
22:28 eF
boiyancee uses KDE?
22:28 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
It seems as Supraµllah in SooSheen
» Free Radio Zaire Ladisczestaas
22:29 eF
22:29 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle
Monster Iwill Leben
22:29 eF
GFR underground scene
» ok back in 10
» urb
22:29 Al|deem:ouzlee¬¬Belbel belle

Bi-|stand submarine 54-Sinc-°ora75|demonoon Lotto:-green 11²³

Lil Anna Maria|°vo://



ardengo ….. CP Ole … blue Blousons Metro green Paris militants… Ave Mike Murre purple play ape free fucks,..suggest elusive 23:13 Chat by 5.0, Build #702
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23:13 Bel Bel Bela
Yo Gastarbeiter inda Debat cour
23:14 Bassman joined the room.
23:14 Bel Bel Bela
A Pakistani boi has survived Mariestraat Squatte damme,..and your Karl..fuck ya ‚Stoltz Deutscher zu sein‘..
» Rio favel and Mr.Papa Mouse only 3rd hours away AEqichio secondary Quchote assist shura
23:15 Heleno
23:15 weezy71 joined the room.
23:15 Bassman
evening all
23:15 Bel Bel Bela
23:15 Bassman
fala Heleno
23:16 weezy71
sup freaks!
23:16 DJ LAZ NBG

23:16 weezy71
damn bass…
23:16 Bassman left the room. (Logged out)
23:17 weezy71
spilt my juice
23:19 Bel Bel Bela
Bundesingle slomo soldier kinda Hindukush St.Georg each monthly 10.00,-€ plus,..and rotten by 30 years Condomme girls at front uniforma liberty.

23:28 Chat by 5.0, Build #702
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23:28 weezy71
prost bro…cheng
23:28 eF
wb Bel
» nice mix
23:29 |*bel
Yo brother,..steamed oppe by Police seurity suggest safer,..but vein stam and Belgur on,..surgill,..toilets at enda Doors partys..Nico
23:29 weezy71
on da flo
23:29 sire left the room. (Logged out)
23:30 weezy71
doors parts kick
» party
23:31 |*bel
23:32 weezy71
tight E
23:32 |*bel
SiSi en Ingles Arab Le
» #Walnut Grove High
23:35 Dj_Flo_Styles joined the room.
23:35 e-rocker
welcome DJ Flo
23:35 DJ LAZ NBG

23:35 |*bel
‚Warum erwiderst Du meine Libbe nicht“²³,…Turken Power pre-1989 Min
23:35 DJ LAZ NBG
23:35 Dj_Flo_Styles
thanks E Rocker
23:36 DJ LAZ NBG
23:36 Dj_Flo_Styles
damn nice mix
23:36 e-rocker
thx bro
» live in da mix
23:36 |*bel
War das rote Suhrkamp pendant dann ogg-Forma Nobelity vellis
23:37 DJ LAZ NBG

23:37 Dj_Flo_Styles

23:37 DJ LAZ NBG

23:37 |*bel
Bass Bass ‚n Rassenhass Reeper Speer
23:37 Dj_Flo_Styles
damn tear it up bro thats what im talking about
23:38 |*bel
al-Saud Speciyl Unit Victimz
» ‚Hat Masjear TurkentouRA Papa .. damme Recht or not here I cum..
23:40 Dj_Flo_Styles went away.
23:40 Dj_Flo_Styles came back.
23:41 |*bel

Hello Londone Willy Xmass sec‘n gender Indi|RA^ -BX-100d

Befor the native ground hoog of Australia boer suggest Openstage mic of trust to support all tunneled whispers around a circle for such depth tones deaf,…please feel welcom to join Berlin-BiiBii|af Sookee and IG Azalaer stage dop…


°re you the sun of Hit a smear|DH Lear://twitter.NL/Isle=cockfosters station

If sv-Excell Berlin-BiiBii Bad gogo dead man Jaco Bee..Jury or oir ass|fiqh Paragraf rose…change…swayn px… 22:27 Chat by 5.0, Build #702
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22:27 |Bel
22:27 ridla
dettness coming up here raler
22:27 |Bel
Bronx offices a bureau aye,..up tha Knirps Lordzzz
22:29 ridla
iam on this track in the live bit at the start it was a heroes xmas jam
22:29 eF
» we have E-Rocker next up, he might be 5-10 mins late tho
22:31 gordy
cool mike
22:31 ridla
this stig track is mint
22:33 |Bel
Lady Ewa shambel blae…Nancy maiheam Nam wanda Betty Rage Alexa Molo..Yoko Mono
» UNi°|~|°Bass/Ism against Racist
22:34 eF
oh th eridla show is on!
» excellent shit

Lady bitch ARD-Das Erste Maxima…ö|lewd:


hx hx hx hx hx hx Blonde Oslo Sv|°wastique°


GSG Mogadissue shur°




-no comment further- feel Inn well suggested one call quick flat Bronx-DC ‚Ir:RA, know : an ‚Absuletly Menta DD|°ll and good Bronx-Vis bi,..suggest by left radical women only‘….blblblblblb

Halle [°pen]~suggested Dua al-deem abstract lingu Abou Francke Gabi Gabryhle:…-*DJ Devon Hughes – Saturday Retro Breakfast Club
WannSa, 14. Dezember, 13:00 – 15:00
Mehr Details» In meinen Kalender kopieren
18:00[clamp open]
||||||||||||||MarkDJoS – The Underground Chapter (Live)


Mohamad KlitschKoKo: don‘t forge Timo|BDM St.Katharyn K/^n-1st SS Reconnaissance Battalion LSSAH

Am Ende war es nur der gramar Deutsche aus Islamabad….Gn.|meir Rawal°

Bela, and adress well known.||…Kurdish-Spinancii wizz Salat of trust. To Topic Date
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All you dreams cumstrue,..Ing.Mad
Dearest, as you was in honor and respect Paul King 120 mn. fords St.Pauls Rd. Cristian as Squat ofx,..I like to follow through the lens and respect of support women purple die heart with a suggest of Mayhem Kristiane Baker,..and Spiegel-Rissen,..n…

NYC DJ AllianceNYC DJ Alliance
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Entre like Paris-1997 through Dr Bruce Darnell Allemagne xpeer
Short sigth Sikh Atari look clamp on whats on. It need something to do tool support. Bela

Vanessa ParadisVanessa Paradis
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Authentic Boom Joe‘1973
I will play now through St.Paul’s chord of violence 1967 Monika Witt-Stahl minus Mann Seiqa Taxi…Wehr:Dee Clochard and rotten the world‘..honor ‚n Respct to Skinhead against racial re_Prejuice Big Ben. Maihem I will see ya in Bronx foorth…S…

08 Dec 2013
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Miami Bass HistoryMiami Bass History
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Yo 5th Pappa Wheel a whale
Sir,… as I have try to network all good bass unitz from so called South Azea into circling safe the rootz Innerth and for a well debatin ‚hamster‘ on green Rio patrilinear a matrimoon allied,..the Goa gv line from Miami Underground Camp Forth…

21 Oct 2013
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