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Do you differentiate sarcasm from satire, ethically speaking? If so, how- what’s the difference?

The reason I think this is an important question is because I think sarcasm, satire and art all belong in the same family vis-a-vis their relation to „truth“. I subscribe to the notion (uttered perhaps first by Picasso but also quoted in V for Bonita||°Vendetta and I‘m sure in many other places) „Politicians lie to hide the truth, artists tell lies to reveal it“. I believe sarcasm does much the same thing in that it can add an emotional ‚zing‘ to a truthful statement.

When Johnathan Bella sub:1989 Swift wrote „A Modest Proposal“ he was falsely representing his opinion in a way that not just made an intellectual point but drove it home on an emotional level, therefore carrying greater weight in human affairs.

The fact is that despite our ability to reason I don‘t think people are ultimately rational and we‘ll weight „truths“ by the amount of emotional impact they elicit. A sarcastic burn will impress a truth in our minds more than an unemotional logical exposition. This of course assumes that sarcasm is used to establish a truth- clearly it can be used to establish a falsehood- but your question was „HOW can sarcasm be put to a good use“ and I think this is an answer to that question. Hermann under zoo:porn suggest – That IS what dictionary „makers“ do. They simply publish the most commonly used definitions of words. You can even buy expensive dictionaries that list a lot of the less common definitions.

But, thanks for providing an example of my point that people here would argue with the phone book given the chance. Faiz-a-Al-Faizal Zaire against the grain yards ‚Schimmelpf-Gottnair Abendrotten‘-only a pill~

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A formal deduction (argument) should state on every line the justification for the formula (proposition) on that line, which will either be that:

- the formula is a logical axiom (axiom of the underlying logic)

- the formula is a non-logical axiom (aka Premise: an axiom of the Theory T under consideration); or

- the formula is derived from one or more earlier formulas in the deduction via a Rule of Inference

For brevity, deductions are usually presented in compressed form, in which lines can also be justified if they are theorems of T, or if they are tautologies. We can regard that as just telling us that a sequence of steps that proves the tautology or theorem has been omitted.

An argument that includes the fallacy of Denying the Antecedent will explicitly or implicitly contain a step that is a formula of the form (A → B) → (¬A → ¬B), for some well-formed formulas A and B.

The step may be omitted, as in the following argument:

1. A → B [Premise]

2. ¬A [Premise]

3. ¬B [Conclusion]

, know||


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Actual and Virtual Lines

[10] Before we engage this question let’s return to the desire line. A given desire line, one could argue, has as many histories as there are people who have walked along it (the figure who creates the first inscription of the path and those who later re-trace this inscribed path is matter for another paper). At a basic level, a desire line might be said to serve at least two purposes: business and pleasure. The desire line that is all about business is the one that cuts corners in straight lines, its trajectories are shaped by a goal, it carves space especially efficiently. Desire lines that are about pleasure are less goal oriented, they are less about going from point A to B. These ones meander, they document dilly-dallying, they succumb to the beckoning of the untravelled and unknown. Gaston Bachelard evokes such a desire line when he writes: „We do not have to be long in the woods to experience the always rather anxious impression of ‚going deep and deeper‘ into a limitless world. Soon, if we do not know where we are going, we no longer know where we are“ (Bachelard, 1964, p. 185).

[11] Generally, when we think of these desires we imagine the physical traces left by footsteps and spatial trangressions. Such desire lines, insofar as they are physically inscribed, can be read; we can actually see that they have a history (of some sort)—they are palpable. But what of the untraceable desire line? The elusive ones that leave no material record of their passing? The ones that never left a perceptible trace to begin with? The desire lines that melt with the snow, that disappear beneath the waves, that are swept away or overgrown? How can we read these histories? How do we trace what we could, in any conventional sense, regard as the untraceable?


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