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Chopper the ghost

The strange story of chopper began in the 80thees at a dentist in Germany. Chopper was a voice out of washbasins and loos.
Chopper spoke to Claudia, the sixteen year old dental nurse.
All people were very afraid of this voice.
The patients of the dentist ran away and never came back.
The dentist had filed a charge, but there weren’t any results. Many people phoned with chopper. Claudia was very happy with the situation that the medians wrote about her.
There were many rumours, for example that a man had many tunnels under the earth. He tried to follow his love Claudia.
Then some Parapsychologists came by. They recorded the voices of chopper. This was a very mysterious phenomenon. They never found something strange like that. At the same moment when they came chopper spoke. They took some recorders, and recorded the strange noise. These noises are very rare.
They had never anything like that. The Professor said he had never heard such noises. It seemed that Chopper wanted to be recorded. The Professor wasn’t stupid and supposed that the ghost Chopper was the dental nurse Claudia. And he was right.
He found the delinquent with a ruse. Claudia phoned at the secretariat as Chopper.
Then Claudia had a big problem with the cops. She had to pay a big price, for her vanish.

Written by Gerlinde|IIrN/°\a and Andreas
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